Everyone smiles in the same language #WorldSmileDay


When Vidya asked who would be joining her for a #WorldSmileDay blog hop, I hopped on immediately.

I had to, I love smiling! I smile all the time and I smile from my heart.  

So, what are the things that make me smile?

Vanity is my Sanity so I smile my troubles away. Why frown, look terrible doing so, and add more troubles to already existing ones? I abhor the lines that frowning frequently leaves behind and love the curve of the smile that lights up faces.

Traffic Jams: Yes, you read that right. Have you realised that when you’re stuck in a traffic jam it is almost like being marooned on an island, and you’re all by yourself.  People watching is such a pleasure then as is reading peacefully, among many other things. All this only if you’re not the one driving, that is.

Mistakes: My mistakes no longer make me fret or go grrrrr. No, they don’t! I smile at them instead. As I am old enough to know that making them is not the end of the world and young enough to learn from them and amend them. Ah wisdom!

Realising that I am becoming my Mother: All those lofty teenage statements thrown at my Mom, ‘I will never be like you!’ and the like yes, those make me smile now, psssttttt after I am done cringing. What brings a bigger smile to my face though is that I am so proud of the fact that I am turning into my Mom.

There is so much to smile about, from a good night’s sleep to a good hair day. To talking your heart out to a friend to enjoying a great book and/or movie. A wonderful cup of tea/coffee that perks you up each morning and takes away the day’s exhaustion in the evening.

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A smile is a weapon we always have at hand, to disarm negativity around us and towards us. So, have you smiled today?




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