6 Reasons why Reading is the best habit to have

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My reading habit was formed thanks to ‘Library Period’ at school. This once a week practise required us to stay put silently in our beautiful library and read compulsorily for an hour.  This forced reading helped cultivate a habit which later led me to join the school library, and after passing out of school, a regularly library near home.

From reading a book sporadically to reading a book a week, and later reading a book a day, the number of books I read may have wavered, but I read steadily.

Till a few years ago, when I stopped reading completely. I would buy books, start reading them but just couldn’t go beyond the first few pages. This painful phase ended after 2 years and made me realise how much I had missed my books.

This phase also made me realise why reading is the best habit to have;


You are never alone: Waiting rooms, friends who are never punctual, long journeys, delayed flights/trains/busses, you are never alone as long as you have a book accompanying you. A book in hand is also the perfect shield to ignore pesky co-passengers and people you want to avoid.

You can travel without a ticket: Books take you away, to different places. They give you a glimpse into varied cultures, different food habits, and ways of life. All this without stepping out of the comfort of your home.

You are never bored: How many times have you heard people exclaim, ‘I am so bored!’ How many times have you heard a reader say that? Rarely! As a reader I look forward to free time, so that I can get back to my book. With a book in hand there is no time to be bored!

You keep upgrading yourself : You learn so much by reading that you can’t help but change. From embracing technology by getting a Kindle to changing your thought process after reading different perspectives, if you are a reader you keep evolving.

You meet interesting people: Meeting a fellow reader is always fun. You can discuss commonly loved genres, or discover new ones. Well-read people almost always have something new to share, making meeting them very interesting.

Reading is a relatively inexpensive habit : Personal experience has led me to believe that reading is the most inexpensive habit I have. A library membership, sharing books with friends, book exchanges help in reading more and paying less.

 So, these are the reason I love reading. Are you a reader? If yes, do you agree with my reasons?

If no, I am curious to know why don’t you read.

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