6 Reasons why Reading is the best habit to have

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My reading habit was formed thanks to ‘Library Period’ at school. This once a week practise required us to stay put silently in our beautiful library and read compulsorily for an hour.  This forced reading helped cultivate a habit which later led me to join the school library, and after passing out of school, a regularly library near home.

From reading a book sporadically to reading a book a week, and later reading a book a day, the number of books I read may have wavered, but I read steadily.

Till a few years ago, when I stopped reading completely. I would buy books, start reading them but just couldn’t go beyond the first few pages. This painful phase ended after 2 years and made me realise how much I had missed my books.

This phase also made me realise why reading is the best habit to have;


You are never alone: Waiting rooms, friends who are never punctual, long journeys, delayed flights/trains/busses, you are never alone as long as you have a book accompanying you. A book in hand is also the perfect shield to ignore pesky co-passengers and people you want to avoid.

You can travel without a ticket: Books take you away, to different places. They give you a glimpse into varied cultures, different food habits, and ways of life. All this without stepping out of the comfort of your home.

You are never bored: How many times have you heard people exclaim, ‘I am so bored!’ How many times have you heard a reader say that? Rarely! As a reader I look forward to free time, so that I can get back to my book. With a book in hand there is no time to be bored!

You keep upgrading yourself : You learn so much by reading that you can’t help but change. From embracing technology by getting a Kindle to changing your thought process after reading different perspectives, if you are a reader you keep evolving.

You meet interesting people: Meeting a fellow reader is always fun. You can discuss commonly loved genres, or discover new ones. Well-read people almost always have something new to share, making meeting them very interesting.

Reading is a relatively inexpensive habit : Personal experience has led me to believe that reading is the most inexpensive habit I have. A library membership, sharing books with friends, book exchanges help in reading more and paying less.

 So, these are the reason I love reading. Are you a reader? If yes, do you agree with my reasons?

If no, I am curious to know why don’t you read.

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  1. I like the reasons you shared. Reading helps your creativity. It improved your language skills and knowledge. To read is to know and to enjoy. I just can’t understand how some people don’t read. I can’t.

    1. I don’t get people who don’t read either, Rachna.

  2. One post I completely agree with. Nothing like reading to keep me happy, enthralled and even creative.
    I’m back to reading with renewed interest and I can’t stop myself from picking up books especially on the Kindle. Must put a check on that. 😉

    1. One can never have too many books, don’t put a check on that!:)

  3. I completely agree. Reading is the best habit and you are never alone when you are with books. I am not getting much time to read these days but I do miss my books. Hoping to get back to it soon.

    1. Thanks, Deepa. Hope you can get back to reading soon.

  4. I am in complete agreement with you. I am what I am because I read. Reading has broadened my horizons. Most of the things I have learnt from books. Thirty years ago no one wanted to teach me photography. I picked up some expensive books and learnt using those principles that I read. Later I learnt filmmaking by importing books. History/Upanishads/Tantra/religion/conservation biology… I get a lot from books….however I have to discard TV watching to make time.

  5. I enjoy reading and all your points are the very reasons I read. 🙂
    I have many friends who are non-readers including VT but I think to each its own. My Kindle is my good friend 🙂

  6. Reading keeps me going and help me maintain my sanity. I honestly don’t get how people stay without reading. Your points are extremely logical.

  7. Those are some good reasons why reading is a good habit. I think it also helps you think critically and build your own writing skills. For me though, it is probably an expensive habit as I do like owning books! 😀

  8. In company of books, I feel like home. Your reasons are all valid, M. Books have been my friends and stayed by my side even when real life had nothing better to offer. I hadn’t been reading for a while but am slowly getting back to my reading too. Those who don’t read, I really don’t get.

  9. I am at my best in the company of books – especially mythological fiction and travel books. By reading books, I get to wander into different eras without waiting for my boarding pass in the queue at the airport, not worried about an aisle seat and shoddy co-passenger and apprehensions of having a clean and tidy hotel room!

  10. Just like you, I don’t get it when people say that they don’t read. Some even say that they can’t even read a newspaper and I’m like what are they made of!

    Reading has helped me immensely. Right from my language and vocabulary, to meeting people, to helping heal depression, to feel sorted! Reading is one of the best hobbies and everyone who has eyes can and should cultivate it.

  11. Reading gives knowledge, a good friend to spend time with, and the best hobby as you mentioned. Completely agree with you!

  12. I was a bookworm when I was young. When I finished studies I completely changed and stopped reading for pleasure for almost 15 years. A few years ago I rediscovered the love of reading and life took on a meaning. Now my mission is to help children and adults around the world to form the habit of reading through a number of projects including https://Boocshare.com, a place where people can share their paper books with friends and family to save money on books, while reading more books. I totally agree with your reasons for reading. One reason I would add is that books allow you to learn from the mistakes and experiences of other people. As Otto von Bismarck said, “Fools learn from experience. I prefer to learn from the experience of others.”

  13. True M, these are the right reasons to pick up reading. I picked up books to kill the loneliness, and slowly got immersed into the plethora of knowledge and then I didn’t need anyone but my books.

  14. I agree with all the points on the many benefits of reading and No 1 is so true with me. I always carry my ipad with a Kindle device and a book in my bag to beat the traffic in bus or waiting somewhere.

  15. And yes, I found myself nodding my head to each one of these points. For me reading has become a part and parcel of my daily routine and am irritable if I have to compromise on that time. Amidst the content clutter online, books surely are a better way to eas and make the mind feel more positive.

  16. The best reason could be, it acts as a source for any or all of the creative people. Once you’re filled with something good, you’re inspired to do better.

  17. Bang on, M! I owe my reading to the library periods too. Now, I make it a point to read at least a few pages every day.

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