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They had walked in separately, but were inseparable since they met. They sat there, hands entwined, eyes speaking a million words and secret smiles being exchanged.

 An elderly couple looked at them and smiled, as this young love on a date reminded them of their courtship days. Another couple, in the midst of a nasty argument, sent spiteful glances their way. A lone woman sitting at a corner table, reading a book and nursing her coffee, let out a wistful sigh as she watched them.

 At their table, oblivious to the world, the couple were playfully meshing their fingers again. Unseen by all the eyes watching them the man slipped a tiny packet into the palm of the woman, which she immediately crushed into her hand. She stood up and as she brushed her skirt the packet made its way into her pocket. And yet another drug deal was done.


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13 thoughts on “The Date #FridayFotoFiction

  1. This was the best take on the prompt I have read so far. The irony throughout the post makes me ponder over the thought processes in the world. Someone is looking at the couple with nostalgia, the other is looking with disgust, and another one admires them with longing. While the couple oblivious to the love and positivity around them willingly slips into the dark abyss.

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