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Do you forgive?
Do you forget?

Forgive and Forget. Two small words with big implications. Ask anyone if they can forgive and forget and the responses would rarely be in the affirmative. Forgive would still have people contemplating a yes, either reluctantly or enthusiastically. However, mention Forget and expressions would turn determined, with a blatant no to follow most of the times.

What is it about forgiving and forgetting that invokes such strong reactions from almost every one? Why do we find doing either or both so difficult?
Have you thought about it?

Do you ask for forgiveness when you’ve wronged someone?
Do you forget when you’ve not done right to others?

How easy it is for almost everyone to forget the wrongs they may have done to someone, or the hurt they may have caused to other people. How quickly they seem to forgive themselves for doing so, and move on in life.

On the other hand, people find it almost difficult to move on easily after they’ve been wronged or hurt. We hold on to old hurt and grudges like they were precious.


It is because we romanticise the hurt. We feel we matter, that we were important enough for someone to react to us. By continuing to retain hurtful memories we feel we have something to hold on to. It makes us feel alive. A masochistic way of feeling and looking at things no doubt.

What are you holding onto the hurtful memories for, when you say you can’t forget? Why are you keeping yourself from being free and without pain if you do? Why are you clogging your mind with memories that are rancid, thereby leaving little space for fresh memories to sprout?

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Feel the lightness as you make forgive and forget your wings, shrug off all that you allowed to scar you, and soar.

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