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Life is a box, wrapped and presented to us as a welcome gift at birth. The beauty of it is that we are allowed to unwrap it every day and get something new out of it each time we do.

There are times we love what we pick out and then there are times we are not happy with what we get. Ah, human nature!

As we take from the gift box of life we are unknowing putting back as well. With every action and every emotion we are creating a memory. We are making and storing memories.

The hurtful and bitter memories are pushed far behind, with the hope that they will be buried deep enough, never to surface again. The mundane ones are carelessly tossed in the pile, with little value put to them. We are careful about placing the ones that make us proud on top, polished and shone regularly, for everyone to see our pride reflecting in their surface.

As life goes by and we befriend wisdom and maturity we actively seek out our life box of memories, sifting through it and going back in time with them.

The ones that shone then seem tarnished now and make us wonder what they actually brought us, except momentary glory. The hurtful and bitter ones have lost their edge and now seem almost harmless. Why did they matter so much then, we ponder on hindsight?
It is often the mundane ones that surprise us the most though, as those are the ones that truly mattered the most is what we realise. Those moments that we thought of as humdrum were seeds from which our memory tree grew, under the shade of which we rest as we watch the sun go down.

Life is a box of memories for me. What does your box of life hold?

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