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‘Hello, Josh.’

Josh’s head whipped around from the board in Professor Smith’s office.

‘Prof! Here I am, in your room once again!’ Josh’s grin lit his face.

‘Thankfully not for any misdemeanours anymore.’ Smith smiled as he put down the books he was holding.

‘No more, Prof! Not anymore!’ laughed Josh. ‘Rather, I am here to show you…’

‘Is it ready then?’ asked Smith eagerly, walking towards Josh.

‘Yes it is, Prof!’ he handed Smith a slim bracelet.

‘Could I…?’

‘Go ahead, Prof. Try it!’

Professor Smith cuffed the bracelet on his wrist and began walking towards the closed door. Just before he almost walked into it the bracelet started beeping madly, and only stopped when he took a step back. It beeped again when the Professor almost walked into the table.

‘You did it, Josh. You created the device that will help…’

‘…blind people like me.’ smiled Josh.


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  1. Oh how wonderful. Didn’t expect it at all. Loved it!

  2. Josh did a really great job. Characterisation is too good 🙂

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  3. Oh wow. Loved the creative take. Nicely done.

  4. Lovely story Mayuri, enjoyed reading it

  5. Good story. Though I would want to also read how Josh as a blind could create the bracelet tech ..

  6. Such a beautiful story. I really love the twists you give to your tales….superb Mayuri!!

  7. You did it again Mayuri – how I love you for dishing out these tiny surprises which then become the highlight of your story

  8. Mayuri Nidigallu zainab

    Too good, really enjoyed 🙂

  9. Such an awesome take on the prompt..full of hope!

  10. That was a completely unexpected twist in the end. Midway, I thought maybe it’s a suspense story, but the end was like Wow! It definitely is a very beautiful story. 🙂

  11. What an amazing tale… full of twists! Loved it to the core.
    More power to all those who try to make the life easier for specially abled!
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  12. How nice of Josh! Lovely as usual M.

  13. Very positive spin on the prompt. Everyone has some talent hidden within them. Nurturing helps those talents to shine. Good one, Mayuri

  14. Loved the twist in the end. Did not expect it!

  15. This is such a positive and inspiring post – selfless act.

  16. Hi Mayuri! What a perfectly narrated tiny tale! Loved it immensely ! Didnt see that twist coming and such an endearing one to say the least! Keep writing and Cheers!

  17. Captivating story. Holds till the last line. And the reveal was beautiful.

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