Lord of the Files #BarAThon


Saurabh Bhargav had always been diligent and hard working. His studious nature ensured good grades, and later a great placement. When he joined this company as a rookie he found a mentor in his boss. His Boss took a fondness for the earnest and ambitious lad and groomed him throughout his tenure to take over from him when he finally retired.

Saurabh’s transition was smooth but what was the cherry on the icing was his boss secretary, whom he had inherited along with the position and office.

Rita D’mello was a dream secretary. She had a memory that was sharp, writing that was neat, grasping power and the eagerness to learn.

Without being told in so many words, Rita D’mello made note of all the important occasions in Bhargav family. Flowers and gifts were sent on birthdays and anniversaries, Pujas and Parties were arranged and PTM reminders were subtly repeated to Saurabh, despite which he missed them.

Under Saurabh’s guidance the company grew from success to success. From the single city office where Saurabh had started from the company now had branches all over the world.

As his involvement with the business grew and his involvement with his family receded they learnt to go on without him. One evening as dusk enveloped his cabin and he reached out to switch on his table lamp his hand brushed a post it note taped to the lamp, this one reminding him of his daughters 13th birthday party in the evening.

Saurabh sighed tiredly, he had forgotten yet another special family occasion. He looked around his massive office, at the family pictures strategically placed on his desk by Rita D’mello and realised that he wasn’t Lord of all that he surveyed but he was just Lord of the Files.

I am attempting the Theme – The 7 Deadly Sins. This post is written for the prompt ‘Lord of the Files’ for the deadly sin – Avarice.

I am participating in #Barathon a 7 day writing challenge with Blog-A-Rhythm




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