On Hurt #MayTivation


I grew up hearing my Mom say, ‘Pray for the happiness and healing of people who hurt you and cause unhappiness in your lives. They are troubled and need your prayers and wishes more than you know’.

Of course, I spent all those growing up years arguing and debating against her ‘noble thought’ and trying to convince her otherwise. Despite which Mom resolutely stuck to her belief, and I stuck to believing it was bunkum.

I mean how could you pray for the happiness of people who hurt you, right? A pretty utopian scenario if not masochistic, I would think!

However, as maturity and wisdom gently embraced me with each passing experience I began to realise what Mom meant.

As human bodies we are simply vessels. However, as humans we are also lucky to have been blessed with rationale and the power of choice which gives us the ability to choose what we fill ourselves with, to decide what we would like to be made up of.

A person can only give out what they hold within. You cannot expect roses to grow on a pumpkin plant. Similarly, when people are troubled and toxic within expecting them to be nice and kind is impossible. Yes, these positive emotions can be play acted for a while, but the real person always manages to seep out sooner or later.

When you encounter such troubled souls striking back or revenge should be the last thought on your mind, for the simple fact that you can never harm them how much they are constantly harming themselves. You may be transient in their lives, but they have to live with their constantly warring, troubled and toxic selves, alienating everyone along the way, for an entire lifetime.

Could you think of a fate worse than that?

Which is why they need your prayers, if not your compassion.

MayTivation - Sirimiri


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