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War and Pieces #BarAThon



The power in the room could be felt, it was that palpable.

A gleaming table that stretched from one end of the room to the other end had the heads of all important countries sitting around it’s rectangle.

Coffees held in gold plated cups had gone cold while sweat made an appearance on creased foreheads and temples. The air-conditioning was running at an arctic temperature but people were sweating.

The men and women from all over the world had arrived here in haste, after being summoned by the most powerful man in the world.

There was disbelief at what they had heard and they waited for confirmation on the decision that had been made by one man and would affect millions.

‘Gentlemen and Ladies, thank you for coming at such short notice’ addressed the centre of power to the rest of the room. ‘You are here as I would like to announce a decision I have made. We, the most powerful country in the world, is going to declare War…’

He couldn’t finish the sentence, as what started as murmurs reached a crescendo, with everyone talking over each other and no one making sense.

The man sitting at the head of the table placed his chin on the knitted fingers of folded hands and stared down everyone into silence. There were not many people who did not cower down to his mean stare.

‘Yes, you heard right. War. We are declaring war on the world.’

‘Sir…’ a brave soul ventured forward

‘My decision is final, Gentleman and Ladies’

‘Sir, War is unnecessary, right now more than ever…’ his mean stare hadn’t managed to quieten this young head of state who was very popular.

‘Is it?’ the powerful man smirked.

‘With all due respect, it is, yes. It will rip the already fractured world to pieces…’

‘And when it fills my empty coffers with riches and restores the supremacy I have lost I shall call it off. This meeting is over Gentlemen and Ladies. Go back home and prepare for War.’


I am participating in BAR-A-THON a 7 day writing challenge with Blog-A-Rhythm.

I am attempting the Theme – The 7 Deadly Sins. This post is written for the prompt ‘War and Pieces’ for the deadly sin – Gluttony.


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