My 3 Mood Uppers! #ThankfulThursdays #Week30

Thankful Thursdays

My mood is pretty much like the weather in Bangalore, it changes often and without any warning * grin *

Of course I enjoy the good mood phases, and so do people around me. However, when my mood takes a nosedive, or turns thunderous, I become irritable and snap at people around. Not a nice thing to do, right?

Which is why I have been working on this aspect of myself, towards changing my mood for the better when it slips into a mode I don’t enjoy.I also realised that improving my mood is not a task I can undertake alone, and which is why I reach out for things that help me.

Good Music is usually an instant mood upper. Sufi music is always my first choice and an instant mood changer. From Sufi I move to peppy numbers or to the latest, mindless Bollywood Hits. Before I know it the mood has pepped up too!

Chocolate: Even research has proven Chocolate to improve a bad mood, then who am I to argue, huh? Just the sight of a bar of Dark Chocolate perks me up, needless to say after I have ingested the said bar, I am all smiles and sunshine!

Books: The best way to find myself is to get lost in a good book. Reading is calming and helps me forget I was in a bad mood to begin with!

So here is my list of the 3 Things I am Thankful for improving my mood. Share yours?

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