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The Fault In the Stare #Barathon


‘These days we are not safe anywhere!’ exclaimed Sheetal, dumping her bag on the floor, her face scrunched up in anger.

‘What happened?’ asked Deepali, as she opened her lunch box and the aroma of Chicken Curry wafted out.

‘Arre, gussa thook de (spit out your anger) dekh Deepali has bought Chicken Curry!’ pointed out Vanita excitedly, as she helped herself to a leg piece from Deepali’s box.

‘Did you’ll see that ward boy?’ asked Sheetal, as she opened her lunch box ‘Buddha, saala! (bloody old man!)’

‘Who? That Bhimrao?’ asked Deepali as she ladled out rice on Vanita’s plate, ‘What about him?’

‘Yes, Bhimrao that creep!’ Sheetal literally spat out the words.

‘Will you only glare or will you share what happened?’ Vanita asked with her mouth full.

‘Who gave him work, yaar? That too in the maternity ward? He looks away when you talk to him and when he thinks you aren’t looking he will look at you so cheaply, like he is undressing you with his eyes. Chee!’ Sheetal’s face was a bright red with anger.

‘Oh, that new ward boy!’ Deepali said ‘Arre, he has a problem re! Leave him.’

‘What problem?’ Sheetal cocked up an eyebrow.

‘He has a lazy eye, which is why he looks away when you talk to him. His eyes are all over the place so you think he is looking at you cheaply.’ Deepali explained as she spooned some rice into her mouth.

‘Accha? Are you sure?’ Sheetal questioned, taking a plate.

‘Haan re, the Head Nurse told me.’ Deepali placed a small bowl of chicken curry in front of Sheetal.

‘Dekh, he has come for lunch too’ nudged Vanita.

At the same time that the trio of ladies looked at him, Bhimrao was looking at them too. Seeing 3 pairs of eyes on him he quickly turned away, and taking his tray shuffled towards the furthest side of the hospital cafeteria.

‘Bechara (poor thing), it’s not his fault re. don’t be so harsh on him. He has got this job through some influence as he was kicked out from his previous job for the same reason.’ Deepali

‘Hmmm. Now that you say that maybe I am being harsh on him’ mused Sheetal.

‘I think you are’ added Vanita.

On the other side of the hospital cafeteria Bhimrao sat down with his tray of food. This was his 7th job in the last 15 years. He hoped it would be a while before he was forced to find the 8th.

He wasn’t very educated and what could he do about the lazy eye he was born with? Except use it as an excuse to leer at women, something he got a thrill out of doing.

I am attempting the Theme – The 7 Deadly Sins. This post is written for the prompt ‘The Fault in our Stares’ for the deadly sin – Lust.

I am participating in #Barathon a 7 day writing challenge with Blog-A-Rhythm



19 thoughts on “The Fault In the Stare #Barathon

  1. Loved it M, this is lovely amalgamatiom of theme and prompts. A great idea and amazing thought reviving post. Stare – Lust we face it, brave it, ignore it, despise it….

  2. Hey, I am doing the exact same thing….using the seven deadly sins along with the prompts and this is the best idea we could come up with! I liked your post because it shows a mirror to our society. Men and their stares..their lecherous looks and their attitude towards women…I wonder when it will change and when they will stop considering women to be an object of desire!

  3. Hmmph! So he was a lecher after all! Most lechers have some genuine excuses and lies up their sleeve just to excuse their ‘inadvertent’ staring! Great take on the prompt Mayur, you got the perfect flow and feel of a canteen-room scene!

  4. You know this makes so much sense and I loved the take on this prompt. I once went to a doctor and was waiting for my turn. Meanwhile, a lady came in talking about a creepy man staring at her endlessly… she even stared him back but couldn’t do anything beyond that. When she informed the receptionist angrily about it, she learned that there was a problem in the eyes of the man and people assume that he stares them all the time!

    Poor thing, I feel! Brilliant take on the prompt M!


  5. Interesting take on the prompt. And I love way you have combined it with the theme. Cannot wait to read the rest of the posts. 🙂

    And poor guy, Bhimrao, feel sorry him.

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