Tata Tigor – #ContestAlert


TigFie is the new Selfie!

Ever city has one common problem these days, that has its residents shaking their heads unanimously even as painful, and sometimes angry expressions, take over their face. That problem is, Traffic.

So what do you do when you seem to be perennially stuck in traffic? Hey, even as your vehicle idles in a traffic jam you don’t have to.

Look around, at the trees, at people, at the sky and while you are at it look out for a Tata Motors Showroom. Yes, you read right!

Look for a Tata Showroom, and let me be more specific here, a Tata Showroom that is displaying its latest car, named Tigor. The Tigor is a treat to look at, so admire it’s sleek beauty, and whats more, Tata has announced a contest to go with it as well!

What do you need to do to participate in it? It’s simpler than you could imagine!

Visit a Showroom or Mall where the Tata Tigor is on display, check it out and then whip out your Mobile Phone and click a Selfie with it. A selfie with the car. Yes, that is it! A selfie with the TATA Tigor, a TigFie, and get as creative as you can as you pose.

Once you’ve got your Selfie with the TATA Tigor just upload it on any of the popular Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #TigorStyleback and you’re done! The most creative Selfie could win you a stylish makeover, courtesy Zara, and plenty of vouchers.

Didn’t I tell you it was simpler than you could imagine!



So go ahead and pose and don’t forget the hashtag #TigorStyleback when you post!


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