Of Peacocks and Trees #ThursdayTreeLove #Week7

The sparrow is sorry for the peacock at the burden of its tail – Rabindranath Tagore

The forests of Ranthambore are not only known for their Tigers. Sometimes, in the middle of a safari, as the sun mocks down at you and all the animals seem to have found shady holes to disappear into a Peacock seems to sense your despair and make an appearance.

This picture is not touched up at all. I just zoomed my MobileCam before I clicked it.

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  1. Majestic looking bird, isn’t it. Gorgeous!

  2. This is a frame worthy picture.

  3. I love peacocks..They are just so beautiful

  4. A poetic piece of writing that beautifully describes the grandeur of the peacock, the tree and the jungle.

    Here’s my piece on ThursdayTreeLove:

  5. Wow! What a capture – it looks magical. Thank you for linking up Mayuri. Always make me happy 🙂

    1. ha ha! I meant – your joining the linky makes me happy 😛

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