3 Skills You’re Thankful For #ThankfulThursdays #Week28


Skill is defined as the ability to do something well.

We thought up this prompt for #ThankfulThursdays and were pretty excited about it TILL it came to writing down our skills. Really, we were kind of stumped. Deepa remarked that it seemed like we were praising ourselves, and we all chuckled as we agreed.

But knowing what you are good at is a good thing, right? Knowing what works for you, and also what does not, just keeps you more aware of what you can do better than the things you may be average at.

So what are my 3 Skills I am Thankful for?

Writing: Writing is therapeutic. Putting words to paper has the power to calm me down instantly. When I write I go into another zone, where nobody except me and my words exist. Writing makes me feel powerful too, as stories, characters and scenarios are built up through my imagination and words.
Tarot Card Reading: I feel blessed to be juggling 2 professions, being a Writer and being a Tarot Card Reader. Tarot Card Reading helps with changing the directions of the lives of people who consult me. 13 years of Tarot Reading has changed me too and made me a more patient, tolerant and less judgemental person.
P:S: You could read your June TarotScope by me here
Patience: I was knowing for quoting that ‘Patience is not one of the virtues I possess’ till I realised otherwise. The past few years have made me realise just how much patience I have. Almost a limitless supply of it. Is patience a skill? Yes it is. I know because I have developed mine 🙂
So what are the 3 Skills you’re thankful for? Do share it with us this week on ThankfulThursdays.

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  1. Yes, these are definitely your skills, and its been a pleasure to follow your journeys in words 🙂

  2. Good skills to have, Mayuri. Known the first two skills from through your websites. And I am sure you wouldn’t have managed to rise to being a top blogger and tarot card reader without patience. I have a tarot deck and left learning it half way through. Have to begin it again. Will need more patience 😀

  3. Loved reading this… When it comes to highlighting our positive points we hold back… Perhaps it’s human nature… Great to read about your skills… It’s amazing to know that you have known tarot for 13 years. That’s huge.. wow..

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