Fruits for Life by Dr Amrita Basu #BookReview

Fruits-for-life - Sirimiri

Most of us eat fruits, some regularly some rarely. How many of us though pause to think why we are eating a certain fruit and what are its real benefits, or not?

In her debut book, self-published Doctor, Blogger and passionate wellness expert, Dr Amrita Basu explores the secret of fruit nutrition and shares secrets that doctors won’t tell you.

A fast life, fast food and fruit in various processed forms are ensuring that a regular intake of fresh fruit seems to be getting rarer and rarer. Fruits are the best way to get natures vitamins and minerals in their natural form and you are what you eat.

Did you know that Watermelon is called Nature’s Viagra?
The Zest of citrus fruits are storehouses of phyto chemicals which can decrease blood pressure and prevent cancer apart from their anti-oxidant effects
Or that the sweet and luscious Lychee has a dangerous side to it
Should you cook Strawberries? Or not?

Dr Basu’s simple writing style guides you through a list of fruits, in alphabetical order, and the pros and cons of each. As I read through the book I realised how brief my knowledge about Fruits was and what I was doing right and also what I was doing wrong, in the way I consumed fruit.
After reading this book I will be making more informed choices when I reach out to pick out fruits on my grocery shopping.

I would recommend this book to everyone. Whether you’re a Mom, so you could start making the right choices and make eating fruit a habit in your children. Or professionals, so they could include a fruit in their meals, to exclude health problems later on.

If you thought you knew everything there is to know about fruits, this book will tell you more. This book would help anyone whose goal is to live a better, healthier life and to maximize health and minimise disease.

Buy it here and move towards a healthier life!

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