3 Types of Friends You’re Thankful for #ThankfulThursdays Week 27


Everyone has friends. Some have a few while others have many. Some have friends who are like family while others prefer to keep friends as friends. A long-standing friendship takes interesting turns, from growing together, to growing thick, to growing apart and if you’re lucky, getting back together again. That is the cycle of a good friendship.

As I grow wiser I realise that I need to categorise my friendships, and I do. I have friends with whom I need to be ‘proper’ while with others I can just let my hair down. I have friends who are genuine, who tell me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear. I also have friends who are Frenemies, yes I am well aware that they are, and they are in my life as my reality barometers. I have friends whom I am grateful for and I had friends whom I was grateful, to be rid of.

I have friends and I have had friends.

We have 3 types of friends in life
Friends for a Reason
Friends for a Season
Friends for a Lifetime


The friends I am grateful for are
My Friends for a Reason: Like a recipe calls for specific ingredients, the reason these friends are in your life is usually for a specific cause. They need something from you. This fact used to rile me initially but no more. These basic, detached give-and-take friendships are relaxing and zero maintenance.
My Friends for a Season: I have friends who have come and gone. Fair weather friends. Friends who created rough weather. Friends who were seasonal showers and some who were storm clouds. I have enjoyed all the weathers and seasons, for the simple reason that eventually they come to pass, equipping you with enough experience to deal with their likes when they come around again.
My Friends for a Lifetime: They are my rainbows in the rain, my silver linings to hovering dark clouds and the reason my faith in friendship stays. These friendships make my world a better place.

What are the friends you’re grateful for?

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  1. So darn true.. Have also realised that with age or over time I have begun filtering and now I have a very small circle of handful of few who am super duper blessed to have and happy with..

  2. It’s important to choose the right type of friends .Otherwise things can go wrong badly .This is the lesson life has taught me .I now only make friends for the right reasons

  3. I just love the way you express thoughts, articulate and candid.

  4. You have catagorisied so well Mayuri. I also had some friends for season who made my years bad. And today I am happy to be apart from them.

  5. Wow.. I love the way you write up. And the optimistic thought relaxing and 0 maintanance about ‘friends for a reason’ is awesome.. Will try to take this stand on my friends for reason 😉

  6. Loved to know what kind of friends you have. I learned this lesson hard. Now i am in circle with only those who falls in 3 categories i mentioned in the post. Beautiful write-up.

  7. what a lovely categirisation..I agree we all have friends for a season and friends for a reason. I am lucky to have you in my life as a lifetime friend. Friendships taught me many different things about life and in the end, the only thing that matters is who are there with you in hard times.

  8. Oh I loved how you put them in categories. As we grow we make so many different kinds of friends – yet most of them are little better than acquaintances. The real ones are just a handful – the friends for a lifetime.

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