As You Wish #MayTivation


When I pray, one of my wishes always is ‘Dear Universe, please grant people a hundred fold of what they wish for me’ .

When I share this with people some are thrilled, while others get mad at me. The ones who are thrilled add that they pray that God/Universe listens to my prayer. On the other hand, people who get mad at me ask me things like, ‘Do you think you are God?’ or ‘Why do you want to curse us /wish bad for us’.

Isn’t it telling how just a single general wish can get such varied reactions?

Wishes are powerful, we only have to realise that. Whether the wish is what you wish for yourself, or for anyone else.

The circle of eternity that is the Universe ensures that everything sent out returns to you, and returns to you manifold. Wish is why we grew up hearing our Grandmoms and Moms often reprimand us with a ‘Hamesha accha bolo /always speak well/good things’ when we spoke rubbish.

Our words are powerful, which is why we need to be mindful of the ones we use and send out. The Universe is standing at attention waiting to carry out what we wish for, irrespective of what it may be.

Choose your words well, and your wishes even more cautiously. There are times when things go wrong and you just can’t seem to see anything right. These are the times to be even more mindful about what we speak and what we wish for ourselves, and for others.

Wish yourself and others well. Wish for what you would like to return to you. Wish for something you would not regret having back in your life and world.

Because all the wishes that you send out make their way back to you, as The Universe can only take an order from you and reply back with a, ‘As You Wish’.

MayTivation - Sirimiri

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