3 Ways To Say ThankYou #ThankfulThursdays Week 26


ThankYou is a beautiful word. A small word that makes a big impression. Yet, most people hesitate to use it.

The Universe has an invisible thread running through each of us and somehow and in some way we are all interconnected. As much as we may like to believe we can do it alone, the truth it no one can, or no one does, anything alone.

Take Blogging for instance. You get ideas from observing people around you, or maybe from reading. You write and post because technology and someone’s brainwave has enabled a blog into existence and your learning allowed you to have one. You post and friends and strangers read your post, comment on it and share it spreading it far and wide. You meet many more people this way. The horizons of your mind expand.

Life works in much the same way.

It takes a big heart and a humble soul to say Thank You, yes it does. And once you start it becomes a beautiful habit, that you must work to keep going lifelong.

So what are the 3 ways you could say ThankYou.

1) Acknowledge Thankfulness: Most people have a tough time acknowledging thankfulness. I did xyz so the result was abc. I helped pqr so he/she helped me in return. Whatever may be the reason, it happened you were helped. You have a reason to be Thankful for. Because there are times when it doesn’t happen, right? So be thankful when it does and acknowledge it, even if it is only to yourself.
2) Return the favour: No, not in a precise and curt manner. Not in a let–me-not-owe-anyone-anything manner either. And definitely not in the–let-us-settle-it-and be-done manner at all. You have been helped, help out in return. In that manner. And from your heart.
3) Pass it on: Create a chain of kindness and Thankfulness. If 1 person helps you, help 5 people in return. Imagine what an amazing and kind place the world would be if each of us let’s our circle of thankfulness grow larger and larger and keep it going.

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