On Revenge and Forgetting it all … #MayTivation


Whoever said revenge is sweet never tasted the sweetness of forget about it.

We’ve all be slighted at some point in our lives. At some point of our lives, most of us have lain awake planning revenge against those who betrayed us, harmed us or hurt us. Our imagination has conjured up scenarios where we have the upper hand and we win against those people, that ‘enemy’.

Days, weeks, months and sometimes a lifetime is spent doing this, and in doing so we unknowingly, or maybe sometimes knowingly, keep the wound hurt caused fresh as we fan it with revenge.

How many times do we calm down enough to realise that in doing so we continue holding a strong connection with the ‘enemy’ the person/ people who is/are the cause of our grievance? And in doing so we are stopping our personal growth and adding bitterness as another shade to our nature.

Have you tried forgetting about it all instead? Forgetting about the incident, the people causing it, the feeling that followed later? Yes, forgetting about it all? Once and for all!

Forgetting it and regaling everything related to the most minuscule particle that exists in your mind. So minuscule and redundant that it disappears without you realising it did? Yes, that minuscule and redundant and insignificant.

Nothing makes people madder than when they realise they are not worth a thing in your life, that they have been forgotten, their words and existence has been wiped out completely and they have no power you anymore. That their words and actions did not matter and will not matter anymore.

Yes, just forget about it all and see how light it makes you feel.

Try it, you have nothing to lose, except the resentment and bitterness accumulated due to the desire of revenge.

MayTivation - Sirimiri

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