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MatrikaS The Creative Woman’s Journal #ProductReview

When I was 15 years old a favourite Aunt gifted me a diary for my birthday. It was not some ordinary diary, but the most adorable thing with a matching pen tucked away inside and a little lock and key of its own. I loved it!

Initially I did not know what to write in it, so I doodled away. Then I wrote down the names and phone numbers of friends. Then one day a few verses formed in my mind and made their way onto the pages of the diary. I was ecstatic! I had written something! I would say that is where my writing journey started from.

Over time I filled up the pretty pink pages of the diary with varied thoughts, angry ones, happy ones, silly ones, and more. It was only much later that I realised that writing certain things down prevented me from saying those things, saving me from a lot of trouble. The Diary was like a best friend, I shared my thoughts with it, from the silliest ones to the wisest one and it stayed between us, like it does between best friends.

From then on writing in a diary became a habit, till I discovered a new diary, an Online Diary called a Blog where most of my thoughts found their way, but did not remain between us, and were there for anyone who cared to read.

When MatrikaS The Creative Woman’s Journal arrived in the mail, as part of their ‘Scribble your heart away …’ Campaign 2, I was thrilled to see the beauty.

So what is The Creative Woman’s Journal you wonder? It is a diary all dressed up with frills and fancies, much like a woman.

It’s gorgeous red cover with a golden Feather and the word Write cleverly calligraphed in on the side was a lovely sight.


There is a little loop for you to keep your pen, very handy so you don’t waste time looking for one when inspiration strikes. I tend to keep bookmarks, scraps of paper with scribbles and the like in my diary. An elastic band that ensures privacy, shuts up the diary and keeps things stored between the pages safe, is a feature I truly appreciate. It gets even better as an envelope taped to the back cover is a thoughtful idea for a hoarder like me.



MatrikaS The Creative Woman’s Journal has superior quality pages, both ruled and plain to jot down what I wish to, from grocery lists to my deepest thoughts or even doodle away on, which is very relaxing activity I indulge in often.

Adult Colouring Sheets, an activity known to be therapeutic and stress relieving, for when you don’t want to write but want to let your creativity flow or just let your mind wander is another unique feature.


What’s my favourite part of MatrikaS The Creative Woman’s Journal? The Sticker Pages! With stickers I could use to name, and write down something about, my current mood, or things I’d hope to achieve next or make my My Secret List and more.



With the gift of the The Creative Woman’s Journal, MatrikaS has brought back my writing in my diary with a lock days back to me. I look forward to not only start writing in my Diary once again, but doodling and colouring and creating my special joyful place once more.

The Creative Woman’s Journal comes in 4 variations, each with a different cover
Butterfly – To Dream
Fish – To Glide
Feather – To Write
Dragonfly – To Fly
I was sent the Journal ‘To Write’

MatrikaS The Creative Woman’s Journal is priced at Rs 450/- Get yourself one now


Disclaimer: This is an Amazon Affiliate Link. Which means, if you do click on the link and buy the product I will get a small fee. This in no way affects the product price for you. I recommend only products I personally buy and use.

I was gifted MatrikaS The Creative Woman’s Journal, however all the views shared above are my own.

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