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X is for… Xmas Cake #AtoZChallenge

Xmas Cake

Xmas Cake

As we near the A to Z , it is getting harder and harder to find favorite foods with the last few alphabets. I thought long and hard about what food I like, from the alphabet ‘X’. and came up with …. nothing!

So creative liberties shall be taken and my favorite Christmas Cake shall be presented as Xmas Cake! Ta, da!

There is a story I must share about Xmas Cake. See the one in the picture? I baked it, and it’s an eggless one at that. Yes!

Now, my family loves Christmas Cake and all things baked, sweet and savory. So many years ago I had signed up for a lengthy Baking course. Just after I started my classes, and bringing the goodies I baked home with me I realized that my Parents, who are the strictest of vegetarians, would not even touch anything I baked with Egg in it. Which was almost everything.

So after I completed my never ending baking course, I promptly joined the same one once again, the Eggless avatar of it this time.

This Xmas cake was the first eggless cake I baked for my parents and they were thrilled! They thought it was the best tasting Xmas cake ever, and of course they were biased! I mean whoever heard of an Xmas cake not being drunk on Rum as delicious? You do realize that along with the Eggs I needed to omit adding the Rum to the cake as well, for the Parents.

The bestest part of a Xmas Cake are the candied peels and raisins which I soak in Rum for a good 45 days prior to using them in the cake. They get plump and drunk on the Rum and taste heavenly in the cake.

Candied Peels and Raisins

I tried telling my Parents that as I convinced them to eat my Egg and Rum based Xmas Cake, but they politely and adamantly refused to. Hence the Baking Course twice over.

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  1. What a deliciously sweet story.I am sure they must have loved your cake.I am impressed you took 2 baking courses.That must have been loads of hard work!

  2. Two baking courses, nice! You’d be an expert then. Personally, I prefer the egg version of any cake. But yeah, I get it, the restrictions and all… And you can’t trick your parents into having rum and egg either 😛 😛

  3. Hahahah. Can’t convince parents can we?
    Yeah, what’s the fun when it isn’t soaked in rum. Right?

  4. Although I just love the egg & rum version, I can understand the reservations parents can have about the same. Lovely cake!!

  5. It’s eggless and without rum and yet it looks so yum. I am sure it really tasted the best. You are a great daughter who walked that extra mile for her parents.

  6. Ah! X-mas cake, I am craving to have one now.
    Love your baking story. 2 baking courses… wow, that’s cool! You must be a pro at baking!! Impressive!

  7. Awww…yum! You made that one? Wow!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  8. I didn’t see this coming X for Christmas cake. I actually love Christmas pudding especially flambéing it . Btw you seem to be an amazing cook . Your cake looks divine

  9. Aren’t you a Punjabi? No eggs in the house is pretty strange to hear! My English professor used to make plum cakes on Christmas… sadly, I never had one. Coz I only eat eggless cakes… nothing religious here, it’s just I’m allergic to eggs!

    And the picture here looks really tempting!


  10. Yummy. This post reminds me that once after Xmas I visited my teacher in Pune who was retired by then and he forced me to have loads of Xmas cake. The student-teacher bonding made beautiful moments.

  11. I love Christmas and cake and I loved your story Mayuri. There are some things which we can do only for our parents happily. 🙂

  12. Love X’Mas cake! It’s rich & yummy! The fresh cake is delicious!
    Super pics.

  13. Hihihi.. My parents are visiting next week. May be I should give it a try? 😉

  14. The oft-maligned fruit cake!

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