W is for… Watermelon Salad and Broken Wheat Porridge #AtoZChallenge

Watermelon Salad AND Broken Wheat Porridge

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find food starting with ‘W’ ! You do? Well, pat yourself on the back then, as I definitely did not!

When I began looking for food I like, from ‘W’, I drew a blank. Then as it always does, Google came to the rescue. But none of the foods it showed were my favorite. Wangi Bhaat, I am not too fond of. Wadi is the husband’s favorite, not mine. And so on and so forth.

I reached out to my food blogger friend Tina for help and she shared her recipes starting with ‘W’ and asked me to go ahead and use whichever I like. I chose the Watermelon Salad as it IS my absolute favorite and what with this crazy heat, a chilled bowl of this salad is most welcome! Get Tina’s recipe and learn how to make it here

So there I was, relieved that I had finally found a dish for ‘W’ and one that I loved, till I realized that all my favorite foods that I have shared so far have been Indian, and the Watermelon Salad was anything but.



What to do?

So, my Writers brain did some quick mental editing and I decided to go with the gorgeous Watermelon Salad AND add an Indian dish to ‘W’ to keep with the theme. I cheated a little as I decided to add one of my most favorite things to eat, one of my comfort foods, Broken-Wheat Porridge. The deliciousness of this dish, of the Broken Wheat (Dalia in Hindi) roasted in Ghee till the aroma fills the house, and then cooked till done. Jaggery is added to sweeten it, and cloves and cinnamon for just that hint of spice. Milk is stirred into this delicious mix which bubbles with joy. A bowlful of this wholesomeness and all is well in my world.


See, the base of this dish is Wheat, right? It just happens to be broken, for easier cooking. So there you go, I have an Indian Dish with ‘W’ too!

Being a Writer and Cook is so similar, is what I realized. There are times you need to improvise, and very cleverly at that. Like I just did. In not only choosing the dishes from ‘W’ but also in writing this post where I have merged my favorite foods and a little bit about me together without you realizing it. Wonderful, isn’t it!


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22 thoughts on “W is for… Watermelon Salad and Broken Wheat Porridge #AtoZChallenge

  1. Ah! The last 4 letters of the alphabet are tough cookies. I have not been able to find crimes with XYZ 🙁
    Watermelon had become my favorite fruit and you wouldnt believe it that I started eating it only some 6 months ago. I couldnt stand the smell of watermelon and melons (you can roll eyes at that!) And now I am a convert. LOL 😀
    I make broken wheat upma (the namkeen version) a lot for breakfasts and the sweeter version once in a while.

  2. I love broken wheat porridge but never tried it with Jaggery. I am adding jaggery to most of my dishes these days instead of sugar. Although calories are same, Jaggery is healthier.
    Watermelon salad looks great. Will try Tina’s recipe soon as it looks ideal for summers.

  3. May, have you tried the watermelon salad with mint and feta. It is to die for. Just sprinkle some salt and pepper and you are good to dig in. Has to be had fresh though and colder the better. It’s an all time fav of mine.


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  4. I was having my watermelon fruits salad while reading your post. There a watermelon cake that’s sold only in one restaurant in Sydney and it’s pretty popular here.

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