Y is for… Yogurt Chutney #AtoZChallenge

Yogurt Chutney


Yogurt Chutney is the literal translation of Perugu Pachadi a dish common and loved in Telugu households. It is the perfect accompaniment to Biryani’s, Rice, Khichdi’s or even our Punjabi Stuffed Parathas.

Though it may look and seem like a Raita, this quick to rustle up side dish, isn’t one.

For one, the chopped Onion,Tomatoes, and a hint of grated Ginger are sautéed in Oil, to which finely chopped Green Chillies, Curry Leaves  and dry Red Chillies have been added and sautéed. Seasonings are Salt to taste, Red Chilly Powder and Turmeric.

This mixture is cooked till done and left to cool.

While it cools we whip up the Dahi till it is smooth, without adding any water to it, as we need a thick base. Add a bit of Salt to it, keeping in mind the quantity you’ve added to the Tomato and Onion mix.

When the mix cools add it to the Dahi and leave it as a garnish or mix it in the Dahi. And you’re done!


Enjoy it chilled.

I find it hard to understand this ’40 is the new 30’ or ‘30 is the new 20’ bit when it comes to birthdays and aging and I am always tempted to ask ‘Going by that calculation, is 10 the new fetus, then?’ * wide grin *

Every year you celebrate is a year worth cherishing. More so given what the world is facing these days. We wake up to news of Bomb Blasts, Massacres, and the like almost every day.

With children as young as toddlers losing their lives or their families we should consider ourselves fortunate that we could add another year to our lives, don’t you think so?

Age is truly just a number and being Youthful is what you should feel and strive to be mentally. As when you do so it makes its way to your appearance as well. Grow older, but not in your thoughts. Grow up but don’t become cynical. Have fun adapting to new changes. That is what being Young or Youthful should be all about.


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16 thoughts on “Y is for… Yogurt Chutney #AtoZChallenge

  1. The yogurt chutney is mouth-watering, not tasted it so far and can I agree more to the face that let’s cherish every single moment of the blessing called life, not getting caught in numbers.

  2. Yogurt Chutney… sounds interesting. We make this same recipe as a raita and recently at Shimla had this version as soup. The soup is a part of Himachali cuisine.
    LOL @ 10 the new fetus!! Yes, life is all about being youthful and alive, and not about numbers!

  3. Lovely chutney recipe and so easy to make. Will try it next time instead of raita. Also loved the post about trying to be youthful. I think we should be grateful for good health bestiwed upon us rather than trying to concentrate on looks!!

    Prasanna from Team Mocktailmommies

  4. I can try that yogurt chutney. Looks yum and easy to make.
    On that 40 is the new 30 – ha ha! you are funny.
    I think the idea to use these phrases is to share that one should not get bogged down by the number. At 35, I feel 25. I am brimming with ideas, I am physically active and I would love to say 35 is the new 25. What say?

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