Gillette Venus Breeze: Busting Shaving Myths

‘Are you a man that you want to shave? Women Wax, Men Shave.’

‘If women shave instead of waxing, hair grows like that of a Porcupine, thick, coarse and dark.’

‘Shaving causes pigmentation, your skin will become dark.’

‘Cuts and nicks due to shaving are so ugly.’

These are just some of the myths women have when you tell them that you shave.

About 8 years ago I traded my painful monthly visits to a Beauty Salon, to have hot wax spread over my skin and then have my hair being ripped out with a piece of cloth, in exchange for the painless experience of Shaving. I did this on the advice of my Dermatologist.

Of course I was shocked when she suggested it, but since I followed her advice my only regret was, why hadn’t I got this advice before!

At the Gillette Venus Breeze Blogger Event we had Venus Expert, Celebrity Dermatologist and an Aesthetic Physician, Dr Rashmi Shetty to debunk myths surrounding shaving.


Choosing your tool right is the most important thing, started Dr Shetty. As using a razor that is not specifically designed for women could damage the skin, leaving you with cuts, dry skin and a bad experience as well.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”99D83″ via=”yes” ]Pigmentation of the skin is not due to shaving, but due to not shaving right.[/ctt] Pigmentation happens when you apply more pressure than required with the razor. Gillette Venus Breeze uses technology that regular razors lack. With its pivoting rounded head with 3 blades you no longer need to apply pressure as the movable neck of the razor glides smoothly and the blades do their work.

Never use a Razor on dry skin, always wet your skin. The latest Gillette Venus Breeze has water activated glide gel bars, so you no longer require shaving foam. They are formulated with body butters (Olive, Avocado and Kokum) and Glycerin to help retain skin moisture and follow body contours to give a close shave.


With regular shaving, and shaving with the right razor, your new growth is finer and lighter and not thicker and darker was another myth dispelled by Dr Shetty.

I am glad to be part of this session where I can educate and interact with the audience and break the myths around shaving for women. Being a Dermatologist, [ctt template=”8″ link=”vraSQ” via=”yes” ]I can assure you that shaving is the most skin-friendly method of hair removal for women:Dr Rashmi Shetty[/ctt]It is extremely safe and hygienic as compared to other hair removal methods that have chemicals and could permanently damage your skin. As per a recent survey Shaving is the No 1 hair removal method for women endorsed by dermatologists across the country, ended Dr Rashmi Shetty.

I was invited by Gillette to attend this ‘Subscribe to Smooth’ Blogger Event. The views shared above are however my own.

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