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Ukdiche Modak

Ukdiche Modak

[ctt template=”8″ link=”348Mv” via=”yes” ]No state in India celebrates the annual Ganpati Festival with as much festive fervour as Maharashtra does! [/ctt]The days leading up to the actual 11 days of everyone’s favorite God have all households bringing the Lord home busy. Cleaning up the house, decorating it, choosing a special place for the remover of obstacles to be seated on AND making his favorite food, the Modak.

In Maharashtra Modak’s come in many forms. The sweet ones made with Mawa, deep Fried one, even Chocolate Modaks, traditional stuffed Modaks with different fillings and my most favorite, The Ukdiche Modak.

Ukdiche Modak is a steamed version of this sinful sweet that we get to eat once a year. Rice flour is cooked in hot water till it is done and then kneaded into a dough. This dough is used to make little balls which are rolled out into a small roti.

A mix of Jaggery and Coconut, with a hint of Cardamom, is prepared and cooled. This rich brown and ridiculously delicious mix is kept in the middle of the rice flour roti which is then delicately wrapped around it to form a pattern.


Experienced hands form a beautiful pattern while novices like me try their best (pic above) or use a ready mould like I have done in the 1st pic.

This Ukdiche Modak is then steamed till it is done and eaten with warm melted ghee. It is also known as Kadubu in Kannada.

Being Understanding is more of a disadvantage than it is an advantage, is what I have been realising lately. People arrive late, and you understand that there could be traffic and not that they are just being tardy.

People are rude to you, and you understand that that is how they’ve been brought up, and not that they mind their manners when they are with someone who is perhaps not as understanding as you are.

Friends take you for granted, and you understand that everyone has busy lives, and not the fact that they are always around when they need you.

People filch your ideas, and you understand that maybe they were ‘inspired’ and dismiss the fact that they are lazy thieves.

Out of all this understanding the one thing I have finally understood is, believe people when they show you what they are and don’t try to paint a different picture of them from the colours of your Understanding.

Understood? ;-D



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  1. I think the hand made ones are really pretty, better than the molds. I have never had a Maharashtrian Ganpati festival modak. We make a coconut modak for our pujas, but it looks more like the tops of the south Indian temples!

  2. I love ukadiche modak…the ones you have made are just perfect. Also, what you have written about understanding is very true. But don’t you think at some point it makes things easier for us too if we understand??
    -Prasanna from Team Mocktailmommies

  3. I love modak but this one is new for me. Never heard of this one before. This looks yummy and perfect.
    Understanding is important and can help us all to be more considerate of others.

  4. While I am still drooling over the Modaks I stuff myself with every Ganpati, my heart relates deeply to the latter part of the post. Sometimes people even use you for they know you understand.

  5. I think you are my foodie twin. These are my favourite too. And unfortunately or fortunately my m-i-l insists that only she can make them so I have to try making them stealthily when she is not in the kitchen. I also have to eat them up stealthily before she sees them …..so all in all not a good idea to practice!

  6. yes… had this in Pune during the festival and loved it… now slowly the trend to make it in Kerala has begun 🙂

  7. Oh! You just spoke my heart in this post, M! Being understanding has been more of a curse than a blessing. I end up being on the understanding side all the time and this sometimes doesn’t turns out to be very good for me! I feel… why am I so understanding to this extent that it does more harm than good!


  8. The last line May are epic!!! I think I needed to hear that
    Thanks for being so understanding and writing this post ❤️

    I’m not a modak fan but want to grab those from your blog and stuff them in my face right now!!! Lol

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  9. I have never had modaK. But this one with rice flour ,coconut and jaggery sounds like our steamed pithey! Interesting how recipes are twisted and made even more interesting with innovation.
    No one can blame me about being too understanding. I am rather inclined to not understand the traits of irresponsible behaviour.Wonderful post

  10. I ♥ Modak. I love the one with coconut and mawa filling. Sadly we dont get this in Jaipur and have to wait for trips to Mumbai/Pune to have them.
    Oh yes, being understanding is a pain/bane most of the times. People take you for granted and it does not work out in your favour most of the times!

  11. […] time Modaks have evolved, with Chocolate Modak’s being favourites for the last few years, but Ukdiche Modak always top the […]

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