V is for… Vada Pav #AtoZChallenge

Vada Pav


I call Vada Pav and Traffic the two great equalizers in Bombay.

Whether you drive a BMW or Maserati or are driven around in one. Or you could be in a Nano or even riding a Scooty, we all halt and meet at the Traffic Signals, which are plenty.

Similarly, you could be a Business Tycoon in a glass encased office or a Peon who attend to one, the Vada Pav manages to tickle all taste buds and brings a satiated smile to the face in the same way.

Enjoy your Vada Pav standing at your favorite street corner with a piping hot Vada crushed between the two slices of Pav and handed to you or have it cold as you carry one back home and unwrap it from the newspaper it came wrapped in, and the taste remains the same, fabulous!

In Bombay we all have our multiple favorite Vada Pav street carts dotted around the city.

Enjoy this lethal combination of Carbs (from the Pav ) and Starch (from the potatoes the Vada is made from) with fried green Chillies that enhance the taste or the powdered Garlic Chutney that gives the right kick! For those who are not too fond of spice that is very nice, the Khajur and Imli (Date and Tamarind ) Meethi chutney is the perfect accompaniment.

I LOVE Ice cream. I can, and I have, eaten it for breakfast. Vanilla is my most favorite flavor in an ice cream.

Why do I love Vanilla ice cream, you wonder? I love it because it is simple, and its versatility lies in its simplicity.

Add it to your Cold Coffee or Milkshake and you enhance the taste. Top it with Chocolate Sauce or your Favorite Fruit Compote and you have a dressed up Dessert. Vanilla ice cream is a great accompaniment with cakes, brownies and I love it with Gajar Halwa as well. Add a scoop of it to a fizzy glass of Cola and you have a Coke Float!

A simple ice cream that adapts to so many different bases, see the versatility? Which is why I love Vanilla Ice Cream, as it is simple and versatile, just like me ;-D


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11 thoughts on “V is for… Vada Pav #AtoZChallenge

  1. I enjoy Vada Pav and adore the vanilla flavour too.I never had pav with the Mithi chatni though .It’s definitely a carb overload as you pointed out .
    Ice cream for breakfast sounds enchanting !
    But Mayuri vanilla is by no means a simple flavour !How can you say it’s simple

  2. these are the 2 things i still have to de-mystify! I need to explore this vada pavs on the streets of mumbai. i’d rather not have ice cream, than have just vanilla but i am open to its versatility, & happily add it too πŸ™‚

  3. Vada Pav has been breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner too when we were pursuing our studies. Versatile is THE word, what more can u say about Vanilla ice cream!!
    Prasanna from Team Mocktailmommies

  4. In my office at Mumbai, they used to serve us Vada Pav frequently as breakfast and I used to always have it without the pav. It’s only recently I started enjoying the Vada with Pav. How much I have missed and I wonder at my idiosyncrasies sometimes. πŸ˜€
    Ah! You are a vanilla ice cream lover too. You know, my friends snigger/mock/laugh at me when I opt for Vanilla ice cream and not the other fancy options! *Sigh*

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