T is for… Thaalipeeth #AtoZChallenge



Growing up in Bombay meant enjoying a lot of Maharashtrian food, among many other cuisines. When I was a little girl, we had a cook called Gangubai who made us the most delicious Thaalipeeth, which is nothing but a super healthy, easy to make Roti.

Thaalipeeth is a combination of 3 different Flours, Wheat Flour, Gram Flour ( Besan ) and Bajra Flour which are mixed together. Chopped Onions, chopped Green Chillies, fresh Coriander, some chopped Ginger, Salt to taste and a little bit of Oil are added to the Flours. Add Dahi (Yougurt) and knead it into a dough, adding water as required.

Keep this dough aside for about 20 minutes, knead it once more and roll out slim Roti’s and cook by sprinkling a few drops of oil occasionally and voila, your Thaalipeeth is ready.

Enjoy it with a spicy Pickle or with a bowl of curd, like I do.

My version of Thaalipeeth is a diet version. Gangubai added Oil rather generously while kneading the dough and then when cooking the Roti’s.

Thaalipeeth is the healthiest and yummiest Roti and just right for the hot days of summer. Have it for breakfast or have it for Lunch, or even as a snack, the choice is yours!:)


If you want to learn Tolerance, or for that matter even test yours, you should either get married or become a regular on Social Media, Twitter to be more precise. Nothing will push your limits of Tolerance more than Marriage or Twitter will. Look at me, braver than The Great Khali, I did both!

With marriage come strangers into your life. Varied people, some nice, others nicer while still others who have decided to test your patience to its ultimate limits, and you can do little except be polite in return.

Along the way I have realized Twitter is pretty much the same. Different people, different expectations and a motley bunch who keep getting at you making you take your tolerance level higher and higher.

And I say a heartfelt Thank you to these people, both on Twitter and  those I met through Marriage, as it is because of them that I have learnt to be as calm and tolerant as I never imagined I would be 🙂


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