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S is for… Sattu ke Laddu #AtoZChallenge

Sattu Ke Laddu

How many of you have heard of and tasted Sattu?

Well, for those who haven’t, Sattu is nothing but roasted Bengal Gram Flour which is also known as Dalia.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”7wdBk” via=”no” ]In my humble opinion Sattu is also the the most underrated flour in India, despite it being the most versatile. [/ctt]It is packed with protein, it is an instant coolant, a great source of insoluble fiber and with a low glycemic index it is perfect for Diabetics.

Enough of the Nutrition lessons though! See these Sattu ke Laddus? I made them in exactly 15 minutes, no kidding! You could too, if you follow my recipe here.

Apart from making super delicious laddus, Sattu stuffed Parathas taste simply awesome as well. And with summers beating down upon us mercilessly, discard your fizzy, sugary aerated drinks and cool down instantly with a simple and quick Sattu drink made by mixing it with Jaggery and water and a dash of lime. Use Sattu to give body to your chutneys and gravies without the guilt of unwanted calories, a great substitute for Coconut in both.

And mind you, these are just a few uses of Sattu! Google to find more!


When I discover something good I have this pressing need to Share it. Immediately, and with as many people as I can!

And I do.

The funny thing is some people get Suspicious, namely about why I am sharing something and then the question, that makes people fall in my eyes faster than the Sensex does after Trump makes an announcement, is asked, ‘What are YOU getting out of it?’

Ewwwww, what an off put-er! The thought process behind the question disgusts me!

[ctt template=”5″ link=”79Xj6″ via=”no” ]I can’t decide whether people have become suspicious or selfish, or both.[/ctt] Or does being selfish make one suspicious or is it vice versa?

And if helping out people by sharing something is going to be looked upon dubiously and then questioned I feel really sad for this world, and a little bit for myself as well.


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  1. Mayuri Nidigallu Natasha

    Sattu is quite a staple diet at Alok’s home. Biharis you see. Litti is also made of Sattu’s. Alok is a great fan of sattu parathas. Good reminder, got to make them soon.

    I would love having sattu blended with a little milk and sugar as my breakfast and go to meal while at college. So yummy

    Wonderful unique post as always May.

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    Theme: Travel Epiphanies

  2. Sattu ke laddu are same as besan ke laddu, considering they both are made from besan?
    People now-a-days are both selfish and suspicious, methinks!

  3. I love bundi ke laddu but after reading your recipe and benefits of Sattu, I am definitely going to find them in the market.

  4. All I could see were laddus so yummy!!! I just went over the recipe and the preparation looks easy too. If only I get a mixer right now

  5. I always made faces at my mom, whenever she offered me sattu and mishti doi – we are supposed to have that once a yr on sankranti. I am sure the laddoos will be great they look so inviting.

  6. Sattu ka laddu is delicious.A UPwala friend had given me a taste of it.Don’t be sad Mayuri about selfishness.Its there from time immemorial.What survives is what you do.If you balance it out by your actions may be the world still has a chance

  7. Ok. No idea bout the former and sadly, too much of an idea about the latter S word 🙁
    How I wish it were vice-versa!

  8. These ladoos look yummy and I never had them but I know the benefits.
    Selfish people are everywhere but we have to give a fair chance to everyone and I normally give 3 chances and after that, I am done. It’s not bad to help others but it depends on who we are helping 🙂

  9. Wow the laddus look yummy. And yeah I don’t know if selfishness leads to one to be suspicious or vice versa. But both are bad!

  10. I don’t think I have ever had these. Sigh! I haven’t tasted so many beautiful Indian dishes.
    Keep sharing bindas, let others be suspicious … smile and keep them wondering.

  11. I love sattu ke parathe, but didn’t know there were sattu laddus as well. Are they same as besan ke laddu?

    1. Sreesha, Besan Laddu and Sattu Laddu are as different as you and me :))))

  12. Yum Yum! We had a Bihari neighbour in Nagpur who used to send us this delicacy! Reminded me of those days!!

  13. I have kinda heard of sattu, never had it! i will now be on the lookout to try it! S is also for Sad! it is sad that your Sharing is met with Suspicion! 🙁

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