Why are you Thankful for your favourite beverage? #ThankfulThursdays #Week23

Tea is sunshine in a cup.

 If you haven’t guessed it by now, my favorite beverage is Tea.

 Tea has been, and continues to be, my constant companion since the first time I tasted it at the age of 10.

My cup of Tea has been with me through all the turns and twists of life. Tea comforts me when I am sad or ill. It perks me up when I am tired. Tea is my happy mate when life is full of smiles and Tea is there to soothe me when worry causes sleep to evade me.

I have discussed, and made, important decisions over a cup of tea. I have gossiped with loved ones over endless cups of my favorite beverage.

Even though I am extremely finicky about my Tea I have tentatively sipped at and sometimes even gulped down Tea ranging from bad to worse. Strangely I love the Chai served at Railway Stations * if you just grimaced there, worry not you aren’t the only one who does *

 I have silently judged people who make bad tea, and I have to confess that their lack of prowess has made me rethink my view of them.

 I am not a dainty cup of tea person. I love big mugs and I cannot lie. My husband refers to my Mugs as ‘buckets’ and I don’t care, as for me tea first has to be tasted, then savored and later absorbed. Would a tiny cup hold enough tea for me to do all that?

 So, what is your favorite beverage, and why? Share?


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  1. so true! love love ‘Tea is sunshine in a cup’! I too judge people on their tea making skills! I still remember the 1 time this lady made ginger tea… with so much ginger, that since then I skip having tea anytime she is the chef 🙁

  2. Mayuri Nidigallu Novemberschild

    I am obsessed with collecting coffee mugs. I collect coffee mugs wherever I find some interesting ones – online and offline both. The reason I love collecting coffee mugs is that every morning, I start my day with wonderful memories while enjoying my morning cup of coffee. A few mugs have broken or the design have peeled off, so my collection isn’t as big as it used to be. My favorite race mug has to be the official christmas merchandise from starbucks.

  3. This post really made me grin ear to ear as – even I Love tea during train travels, the taste is quite different but I love it…
    My better half calls my MUG of tea as ‘tea-pot’, & I am a TEA fanatic too. Sad, Happy, Celebrating, Low, Weak, Jubilant each and every occasion in my life calls for Tea…
    Tough I love coffee too 😉

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