My 5 Womanly Quirks I Am Thankful For #ThankfulThursdays Week19

Being a woman is fun!
Being a quirky woman is even more fun! Being quirky or having quirks, that don’t irk, is a sign of confidence. When you’re sure of what you are and enjoy being you that’s when you can pat yourself on your back and say, you’ve done well, girl!

Quirks are more fun when shared with girlfriends as only they get it. You’ll find some nodding their heads vigorously as they say, ‘Me too!’ while others will join in with a guffaw before they ask, ‘Really? You actually do that?’

I can often be found cooking one-handed, as my other hand is holding the phone I am having a chat on whatsapp on, and I rush out of the kitchen to type out a post on the laptop (when inspiration strikes you better not ignore it! ) even as I do my neck exercises to prevent a double chin. Yes, really! And no, no burnt food, ever! Is it a pretty sight? I’m not sure if buzzing around like a bee on steroids makes for a pretty sight, but hey it gets work done, lots of it!

Going to the restroom is a group activity
Yes it is and most of the time me and my girlfriends don’t even use the restroom! * insert grin here *. Instead, we freshen up our makeup, comb our hair, exchange beauty tips, gossip about an endless list of people and things, point out and discuss that cute guy sitting on the table by the window next to the potted plant. Why do we do this? it’s a stress buster! Did I have you rubbing your hands in glee at the thought of me giving away girly secrets? Aa-ha! * insert smug smile here * No way! These are just some of the quirks I’ve shared.

Celebrating getting the eyeliner right, or draping the saree right, in one go
Is that something to be celebrated you wonder? You sure would be wondering, if you’re not a girl! I rarely wear sarees and when I do I am haunted by visions of a self-induced vastara-haran happening where my not right pleated saree unravels or gathers at my feet disgracing me. No it hasn’t happened yet, and I am getting better at wearing my saree right * insert arrogant quirk of eyebrow here * As for the getting the winged eyeliner right, at one go if you please, it is truly a task worth celebrating!

My borderline OCD
I cannot stand untidiness, crooked frames on wall, heaps of clothes lying unattended for days and a general mess. So I do it all at home by myself, even as I get my cardio doing the tasks and the satisfaction of orderliness. I also cannot stand people damaging books by folding the corner of pages * insert a gasp here * or scribbling on them * insert horrified expression here * Book vandals, stop doing that! Use bookmarks and a notepad!

Laughing at myself
I love laughing at myself, and if this post is not an indication of it I don’t know what it * insert eye roll here * I have quirks that I unabashedly admit and enjoy. You should enjoy yours too!

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16 thoughts on “My 5 Womanly Quirks I Am Thankful For #ThankfulThursdays Week19

  1. Sari I obsess over too.The cooking one handedly I do too. I have burnt everything possible while multitasking .But I do winged eyeliner at one go .Loved the post Mayuri. You are a very good and confident woman .That’s why your smile and writing both shine.

  2. Well said, Mayuri. I can relate to the first and fourth on this list as my family will vouch for. Funny how we women have strange quirks…not often that we sit down and take a note of them, do we? 😀

  3. Ha ha! Other than the cleanliness and OCD part, you are right that you have company. 🙂 Cooking and phone is my favourite. Fun post, Mayuri. Sure, you wrote about all of us.

  4. Same pinch in multitasking my friend. I can read, cook and keep an eye on my girls at the same time. Even I get nervous whenever I have to wear a saree. I am still not pro at wearing one as I hardly wear them. Good to know more about you through these quirks 🙂

  5. Such a fun & quirky list 🙂 I was nodding my head along on most of these …. I don’t know how u dont manage to burn anything, i even look away from the gas for a moment, and the milk boils over 🙁
    I study youtube tutorials on tying the saree – and then end up doing good-knows-what!

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