My Word For 2017

2015 was all about Confusion. A lot was happening in and around me and as much as I tried to make sense of my wants and needs, answers eluded me. I waited for the year to end even as I wondered what direction the next year would take.

I decided to make 2016 about Unlearning.

2016 saw me shed the shackles of mental inhibitions, tear up my carefully planned lists, shaking up my routine and found me shattering some cherished dreams. I embraced change, fresh ideas and did not allow myself to procrastinate before I took decisions. And boy, what a year it has been! Liberating, frustrating, exasperating, exhilarating and as the year draws to a close, I realize I can now use one more adjective, rewarding.

As I gleaned new knowledge and learnings I also realized that some lessons need to be polished so that they can shine anew and a few precious ones need to be carried forward with you through life, like family heirlooms or lucky charms.

How well did I score in my quest for Unlearning in 2016? I would give myself a 70% .


So, what is my word for 2017?


Shrugging off redundant thoughts, freeing myself from the burden of self-expectations and culling the habit of mental self-flagellation it is only apt that my word should be, BEGIN


Along with 2017 I embark on a brand new journey.

I have some milestones I have marked, while I look forward to detours of discovery and by lanes of chances along the way. Speed Breakers that make me slow down and perhaps gain new perspective and dead ends that make me backtrack to another road and another destination. And I look forward to friends old and new accompanying me along the way.

It is often said, ‘Well begun is half done’ True, or not? I have 365 brand new days to find out!

So, what is your word for 2017? Do share, if you’ve thought of it! If not, go think !:)







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