5 Things I am Thankful for #ThankfulThursdays

When 2016 began, I decided to make it my year of Unlearning, and all through it I let go of everything I thought I knew. I was so focused on my mission that I had no wish list in mind.

When I saw this week’s ThankfulThursdays prompt I paused and had to actually rewind to the start of year to think of the things I am thankful for, a wonderful exercise, as I realized I have a lot more than just 5!

But keeping the prompt specifics in mind here are the 5 things I am thankful for:

I am thankful for the year gone by: It was challenging, it was exasperating and as much as I grumbled my way through it, I know I  will look back at it as one of the years I will be grateful for. 2016 has given me fresh perspective, new direction and a wiser outlook.

I went self-hosted: After 12 years on Blogger I made an impulsive decision and within the span of an hour I was the proud owner of my own website. Best decision ever!

I took my Tarot Reading to the next level, by moving from a facebook page to finally getting my website, Card Talk. Do read your Tarot Forecast for 2017 , if you haven’t yet.

I wrote! For 2 back to back daily writing challenges and enjoyed myself thoroughly!

I met so many new people! Some have turned out to be wonderful acquaintances, others into great friends and a few into enemies *grin* but hey, who am I to argue with Sidney Sheldon when he says , ‘To be successful you need friends and to be very successful you need enemies.” *bigger grin*

Thanks to Amrita & Tina for hosting #ThankfulThursdays , writing for which I have become more conscious about the things to be thankful for.


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