No one gets to choose how you should feel #MayTivation



When one faces an uncomfortable situation or unpleasant behavior by another person(s), the most instinctive reaction is to discuss it with people you are close you.

Almost always the most common advice you are likely to get for sharing something that has hurt you will be on the lines of, ‘Forget about it’, ‘Don’t think too much about it’, ‘Such things happen all the time’, ‘Move on’ , ‘Be the bigger person and forgive’ and the like.

Funnily enough, all the people who usually give that kind of advice won’t even overlook a maid breaking crockery and it will be discussed everywhere possible.

Most people have a different set of priorities for themselves and for others. The ‘compassionate and forgiving’ personality when it comes to advising others and usually the exact opposite of it when it comes to reactions to the situations affecting themselves.

So what do you do when you are faced with a situation that has affected you in a not so nice way?

Pause, take a deep breath, and engage yourself in some other activity, like going for a walk, cleaning your cupboard etc.  After you’ve calmed down reflect on the situation that took an unpleasant turn with complete honesty. Introspect what you should have said or done, or not. Since you cannot change what has already happened, learn from the said situation and see to it that it is not repeated again.

Don’t let anyone else decide what is right and wrong and your reaction to it. You faced the situation and the reaction should be yours as well. And remind yourself that no one gets to choose how you should feel.

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