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How Host My Blog helped me Graduate


I am Tech-challenged.

By that I mean, anything more than hitting the Send button and using Copy-Paste sends me into a tizzy.
No, truly.
And yes, when I learnt to download and play games on my mobile, I felt like I had graduated from MIT.
Yes, THAT tech-challenged.
Now that you’ve got the picture, do keep it in mind as you read further.

I have been blogging since 2004, with a steadfast loyalty to Blogger all through. The thought of moving to a self-hosted blog did cross my mind, many times. But apart from being tech-challenged I’d heard enough stories, about how painful it is migrating to a self-hosted blog, to put me off. For life.

One afternoon, in the midst of a blogging challenge with BlogChatter I came across Modern Gypsy’s post where she described her experience of moving to a self-hosted blog. Honestly, I searched to see if it was a sponsored post. It wasn’t. I retweeted her post and thanked her, mentioning I read the post at the right time and I was tempted to contact Host My Blog(HMB) after reading her wonderful experience. But then I remembered that I am tech-challenged.

Within 5 minutes I got a DM on Twitter from the HMB team telling me they would be happy to help. I replied saying I would think about it.
After thinking about it, asking Blogchatter if it was ok to shift mid challenge and getting their go ahead, I contacted HMB and asked them which of their 3 packages would they recommend.
After asking me a question or 2 (How many posts did I have on my blog, how many images, did I want to transfer them all?) they suggested a package. Seeing the numbers of which my jaw dropped.

Rs 999/- all inclusive was the annual amount.

Immediately typical questions reared their evil head. Why were they so cheap? What was the catch?

Then they said that they would have my blog up and running in 3 hours. Really? 3 hours! What about those painful stories I’d heard, because of which I quashed the thought of moving?

I decided to warn them that I was tech-challenged. They said it was ok.
That kind of made me believe in them a bit.

After thinking some more I decided to go for it and paid up.
All they asked me was for the login and password to my blog and asked me to ‘sit back and relax’.

I lazed around, made myself a cup of tea and was halfway through sipping it when I got a Twitter dm from HMB saying ‘It’s done.’
‘Are you kidding me! It’s only been 40 minutes!’ was my response. But they gave me my login details and lo and behold, it WAS done. I was speechless, and still tech-challenged.(P:S:I had about 250 posts on my blog. The more the matter you need to transfer, the longer it will take, is my presumption.)
This change took place on the 10th of September and ever since then HMB is literally hand-holding me as I learn my way through managing my blog.
They are available 24*7. No kidding. They are. Extremely prompt with responses and patient with all my queries.

And I’ve realized the difference moving to a self-hosted blog makes. As fellow, and very prolific, blogger Jaibala Rao put it aptly, it’s like moving into your own home from a rented apartment.Thanks to HMB, I now have my own home, and they are helping me set it up.
So if me, being tech-challenged can do it, so can you. Ask HMB to help you, and you won’t regret it.
And, this is NOT a sponsored post, just one full of gratitude.

Thank you, Host My Blog. I wish you great success and all good things, now and always.

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