The Bank of Life



I received a call from a bank

“There’s a draft for you, would you collect it Ma’am?’

I was surprised and racked my brain

couldn’t remember opening an account, in my name.

Off I went, to see what this was all about

I just had to go, had to clear a lot of doubts

I reached the bank; saw it was called ‘LIFE’

amazed I was, as I walked inside

it was vast and empty, there was no one there

beautifully decorated, but had just one chair

“Hello!!?” I called out, “Is anyone there?”

There was no answer, as I stood wondering what to do

in walked a man, I knew him from somewhere

but where, I didn’t have a clue

“Some accounts to be settled, some debts to be paid,

some cheques to be encashed, why don’t you take a chair?”


I panicked a little but did as I was told

sat on the only chair, saw it was made of gold

He bought out some ledgers; saw my name on some

there were lots of figures, I couldn’t understand a-one.

He began explaining about give and take

“This is The Bank of Life” he said,

everyone has an account here

whether they are aware of it or not

we keep their books and ease their debts

till an equal balance we have sought

Remember what you have taken, you also have to give

if you have been forgiven, you also have to forgive

This bank has a lot of facilities, which I shall tell you about today

The only thing we do not return, are your yesterdays.


You can invest in ‘Tomorrow’

I promise you the dividends will be rich

take my word for it Ma’am

put all your money on ‘Tomorrow’ without a hitch

‘Today’ is still our best deal

give it all you’ve got

the interest on it is the highest

invest in it without a thought.


‘Yesterday’ is always a losing deal

people invest all they have into it

in spite of being warned, they do not pay heed

Banking on ‘Yesterday’ is like putting money on a losing steed.

‘Time’ here is loaned out, equally to all

how you spend it, is your call.

sometimes you run out of it, there’s nothing we can do.

If there’s any other problem, we can help you.

In ‘The Bank of Life’, you only get back what you give

so be generous with what you put in

on the dividends of it you will live

My accounts had been settled

all my debts cleared

my drafts had been encashed

my work was over here

I asked if I could leave

the man answered with a nod

only when I was out of there

did I realize he was God.


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