3 Gadgets I am thankful for #ThankfulThursdays



3 Gadgets I am thankful for

Mobile Phone: It is literally my lifeline, and I am sure I’m not the only one who has thought so! My mobile phone keeps me connected to friends and family all over the world, it doubles up as my calendar, calculator, navigator, torch, alarm, reminder and more!

Water Filter: How often do we think of this miracle gadget that purifies the water we ingest daily in various forms? Imagine if not for the Water Purifier how many impurities we would be imbibing, leading so so many diseases.

Kindle: As much as I love the ‘feel’ of an actual book, the much abused Kindle is one more gadget I am grateful for. It did take me a while to get used to it, and to get over the sense of ‘betrayal’ I felt as I made the shift from a ‘real’ book to an e-book on a ‘Kindle’ but I am thankful for each each time I travel and only need to slip this slim and light gadget into my purse.

Written for the prompt, ‘3 Gadgets you are thankful for’ for the series #ThankfulThursdays hosted by Amrita and Tina every Thursday on their blogs.



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