Belgaum Kunda

Milk: 2 Cups
Sugar: 3/4th cup + 1 Tsp (Use 1 cup if you like your sweets really sweet)
Ghee: 3 Tbsp
Rava/Sooji: 1 Tbsp
Lemon Juice: 1/2 a lime (to curdle the milk)
For the Garnishing:
Chopped nuts
Heat the 1 Tbsp Ghee in a pan, add the Sooji and stir on a low flame till it changes colour
Add the milk and stir till the milk starts boiling
Squeeze in the lemon juice and stir till milk curdles
Switch off the flame and keep aside.
In a heavy bottomed pan heat 1 Tbsp Ghee
Add the sugar and mix together
Keep stirring together on a low flame till the sugar melts and starts caramelising, turning a shade of brown in the process (take care to not let it turn too dark in colour or burn)
Switch off the flame.
To the caramelised sugar add the curdled milk, keeping a safe distance as it will splutter and splatter
Mix well
If your caramelised sugar forms a hard lump don’t worry, it will melt and smoothen out later
Switch on the flame and stir well together
Add 1 Tbsp Ghee at this point
Alternate the flame between medium and high and keep stirring the mix continuously, else it will burn
Keep doing so till the mixture starts thickening and the top of it starts leaving the sides of the pan. The consistency at this stage should be runny, as it thickens on cooling
(Do not cook it too much as it will become rock hard and inedible after cooling)
This recipe has been inspired by Vishual Foodie, with a few tweaks of my own added to it
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