Navratri ka Halwa/Sooji Halwa

1 Katori Sooji/Rawa
1 Katori + 1 Tbsp Sugar
4 Cups Water
4 Tbsps Ghee
Cardamon (Elaichi) Powder 1/4 th Tsp (Optional)
Saffron Strands (a generous pinch) (Optional)
For Garnishing:
Soaked Raisins and roasted and chopped Almonds, Cashews and Pistachios
Mix the sugar and water in a vessel and stir and boil till the sugar dissolves completely.  If adding saffron add it to this water as it starts boiling
In a heavy bottomed pan add the Sooji and Ghee
Stir continuously on a medium flame and roast till the sooji starts darkening in colour and emits an aroma
Switch off flame and carefully add the sugar water, taking care to keep a distance as the water tends to splutter
Switch on the flame and stir continuously till the sooji and water have mixed to form a smooth paste. If adding cardamom powder, now is the time to do so.
Keep stirring till it reaches a dense/your desired consistency and/or leaves the sides of the pan.
Drain the soaked raisins and add them now.  Mix well.
Garnish with chopped nuts

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