Are you Emotionally Pampering yourself? #MayTivation

What is self-care?

The dictionary defines it as the practise of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

The start of a brand new year usually means some resolutions made, irrespective of whether they are followed through or not. Self-care is one resolution on many of my friends lists.

So, I hear a lot about them taking up a Gym / Yoga membership, booking appointments at Salons and Spas. Going for Manicures / Pedicures / Haircuts. Some are even shopping up a storm and scheduling vacations. While I love the enthusiasm and thought behind these decisions it set me thinking about what self-care is really about.

As I see it, the process of self-care works better when started inside-out. Pampering your self is always a good thing but why do we always forget to pamper ourselves emotionally?

Emotional Pampering you ask? Yes, self-care within is what I refer to as Emotional Pampering. Why not make a resolution to do so this year?


How could you emotionally pamper yourself?

Befriend yourself.

Vow to get emotionally stronger.

Air out all the beliefs and ideals that you held on to so far, let go of the redundant one’s and rethink and rework the ones worth holding onto.

Sift through the people in your life and let only the ones who matter stay.

Realise and accept that change is not a bad word.

Let the views and opinions of people who don’t matter slip away without touching you.

Vow to adapt one good habit and get rid of one bad habit every month.

Develop a hobby that helps you evolve and relaxes you.

Tweak your food habits and recipes.

Do something you’ve never done before.

Do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Stop seeking validation from others.

When you work inside out, the results are more satisfying. We spend the most time with ourselves, shouldn’t we make it worth it’s while?

Do you agree with me?


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