Of Budding Minds & The British Council

Think of the word ‘Library’ and a silent room with imposing wooden shelves filled with books comes to mind.

For 70 years now, The British Council Library has remained the go-to place for book lovers, students and professionals. Easily accessible by the Chennai Metro, this building has welcomed an innumerable number of book lovers for 60 years now.


The British Council in Chennai has evolved into a cultural hub, attracting an audience of all ages. The modern look of the premises complements this modern- day library’s evolved offerings. This Library is a smart place that has moved with the times – providing digital access and resources to cater to the needs of the mobile generation.


The British Council Library launches a Holiday Camp with Short term courses covering 21st century life skills for young learners.
If you have a child between 7-14 years of age, check out the customized courses on offer. Between the 27th to the 30th of December, these courses are conducted for 2 hours a day and a total of 10 hours spread over 4 days.
Classes are scheduled between 8 am and 5 pm and you can choose your 2 hour slot.  Course Fee: Rs 5000/- with a 15 percent discount for members.
The course will help your child;
☑️Gain confidence in expressing themselves in English.
☑️ Experience creative thinking through interactive and fun activities.
☑️Improve their creative thinking and problem solving skills
☑️Develop a love of learning through collaboration.
Specially trained and passionate teachers with training in innovative educational methodologies will deliver the course in a safe,
enabling environment.British-Council-Budding-Minds-Sirimiri
This Library is a cultural hub! Besides access to a range of books, study material, Audio Books and DVD’s, registering for a British Council Membership will ensure access to the various courses offered, from interview preparation to business communication.
 Bibliophiles have an unlimited access to best sellers and award-winning Literature, the finest in fiction and comics and graphic novels.

What a Membership gets you;

With an affordable membership, learners get access to space, WI-FI and learning resources along with value added professional developments, events and workshops.

Free or discounted access to a range of fun-filled workshops, events and activities for children and parents.

Bringing communities together through – Book Club Mets, Book Launch Events, Cultural Programmes like Poetry Sessions, Movie Screenings and fun games.

A range of professional development workshops, self-development content such as Audiobooks and how-to resources on specialised topics such as Atomic Training.

Access to IELTS practise resources.

More than 10,000 books, DVD’s, popular UK Newspapers and Magazines.


Digital access to 115,000 books and 14,000 journals covering a wide range of subject areas like humanities, engineering, management and more.

Lose yourself between the pages of a book here or come together as a family. Attend workshops, talks, poetry sessions and get detailed information about studying in the UK. There is something for everyone!

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