Rina Dhaka for Apollo Cradle: Introducing a new range of Maternity Wear

Apollo Cradle, is India’s leading healthcare destination for women and children. It is driven by the aim to provide the highest standards of care for every patient. The Apollo Group’s legacy of over 36 years of clinical excellence runs through every aspect of Apollo Cradle. Their strong belief in, ‘the better the care, the safer the patients’, has stood the hospital in good stead over the years. In 36 years, over 1,50,000+ babies have been delivered at Apollo.

Apollo Cradle and Fertility held its second edition of the National Cradle Conference in Bangalore, from July 26th to July 28th. The 3 day National Cradle Conference 2019 is a first of its kind International Conference on Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Fertility and Neonatology, being jointly hosted by Apollo Hospitals.


At this conference, Apollo Cradle and Fertility announced pioneering initiatives to address the country’s growing requirements and challenges in fertility and quality Neonatal care.

1) Pioneers eNICU and sets up Command Center in Hyderabad, to take quality neo natal care to Tier 2 and 3 cities and towns across India.
2) Launched Apollo Androcare – first dedicated Male Fertility Campaign.
3) To set up Centers of Excellence for fertility across metros and expand Apollo Fertility Chain across Tier 1, 2 and 3 Tier cities.

Rina-Dhaka -Apollo-Cradle-Sangita-Reddy-Sirimiri
Leading Designer Rina Dhaka (R) and Sangita Reddy, JMD, Apollo Hospitals Groups, with the Maternity Line.

There was another announcement, a first of its kind collaboration by Apollo Cradle with India’s leading Fashion Designer Rina Dhaka to launch an exclusive maternity wear line for expectant and new mothers.

Rina Dhaka with the expectant mothers to be

‘I have always wanted to design a Maternity Wear line’, says Rina Dhaka. ‘Not only did I myself grapple with finding good clothes as a young mother 20 years back, but over the years, despite the growing range of maternity clothing available in the market I have seen young mothers still unable to find a ready-to-wear range that they can easily slip into and be comfortable all day long’ she adds.

The custom designed Maternity Line is designed as a go-to maternity clothing and features everyday essentials in soft, luxurious, sustainable fabric and knits, offering expectant and new mothers a style that is classy, comfortable and effortlessly feminine.

Rina Dhaka talking about her new Maternity Line

Rina Dhaka for Apollo Cradle features a range of Feeding Tunics, Feeding Cathes and Jackets that are not only functional and stylish, but are unique in that they move away from the stretch materials that most maternity clothing come in. Sustainable, organic and breathable fabric such as the Liva Yarn, soft Cottons, Linen and Khadi provide young mothers the much needed day long comfort during this phase, without having to compromise on looking chic and trendy.
The designs also move away from contemporary, modern fashion prints and feature a classic style with add-ons like Hand Tacking, Embroidery, Kimono Sleeves, Cowl Necks and Belting and come in classic vintage hues such as Creams, Baby Pink, Block and White.

The new maternity line is available at all Apollo Cradle centers across cities, at present, and will be soon launched online and on a mobile app.

In addition to the maternity clothing, Rina has also designed Maternity Hospital Gowns and Uniforms for the care-takers giving the hospital a makeover.

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