Why Fitness cannot be a Fad but a Lifestyle Choice

If you know me well you would have heard me say, ‘It is cheaper to stay healthy’, at least once during our conversation. Yes, it is a line I repeat often, and because I learnt this lesson the hard way.

A spate of ill health was my constant companion for the past two years. Not only was being sick was an enormous physical and mental setback, but doctors visits and tests burnt a huge hole in my pocket too.

I have always been a physically active and a hands-on person who likes doing all her work herself. The limited mobility and dependency on others that illness brought scared me, and made me realise how much I missed my active lifestyle and staying fit. 

The silver lining of being unwell was that I began to value my health and fitness more than ever, more so when my doctor also told me that my recovery was faster as I was fit. That is what made me realize that Fitness cannot be a Fad but a Lifestyle choice.

We make choices on a daily basis, and now I make conscious ones that lead me to a fitter me.


 Advantages of being Fit

You have more energy

You feel better

You look better

Clothes suit you better

You feel more confident

You look younger than your contemporaries.

When I choose fitness I choose to respect my body.

Shortcuts have never been my preferred way to reach a destination, in life or otherwise. Which is why, I am fad diets and exercise routines never interest me. I have consciously inculcated Lifestyle Changes that are practical, easy to follow and sustainable in the long term.

Disciplined meals at fixed times are what I follow without complaint, my issue has always been my sweet tooth. Last year I decided to give up Sugar for 21 Days. The changes I experienced post that made me realize how my sugar intake is working against me. Giving up sugar made me more active and I realized that I did not feel sluggish anymore.

Though I do consume sugar after finishing the challenge, it is in limited quantities, with the occasional indulgence. Sticking to natural sugars, like honey and jaggery is my conscious choice.

Lifting weights has been a big contributor to my fitness levels and I so look forward to my sessions in the gym. It is a misconception that lifting weights adds bulk to the body, and one reason women shay away from doing so.

Early this year my doctor spoke to me about adding a supplement to my daily routine. She said that thanks to pollution and adulteration, the food we eat no longer supplies us with the required nutrition it should. Also, as we women cross the age of 35, we need a steady supply of Protein, Calcium and Minerals, as advancing years cause muscle and bone loss. Her suggested supplement was Ensure. I plan to start having it soon, and see if it makes a difference in my immunity and energy levels.

What is the #StandUpChallenge?

The #StandUpChallenge by Blogchatter is a challenge that can be done anytime or anywhere.
It involves a simple ‘stand-up’ test on a single leg and to hold the stand position for three seconds. 
Research shows that those who are unable to perform the test face a higher risk of not being able to walk in their 70’s and beyond.

I am so thrilled I could do it! Why don’t you try it out too? Share your video or screenshot with me if you do!


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