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If you have been reading my posts every day, and all through, you’ll remember that we discussed the infamous Chennai Heat yesterday. What is my coping mechanism to counter the heat? Well, it’s Ice Cream!

I often realise that if there was no ice cream in the world, or I hated it (blasphemy!) I would be as slim as my patience is.

There is ice cream though, and some really wonderful local ones at that. Bless them, as they are the ones keeping me going as I mop my brow and sweat out the days in Sauna City.

Ice-Cream-Chennai-SirimiriA family pack of Arun Ice Cream.

Arun Ice Creams, are my absolute favourite. The good thing is you can get them everywhere, even at your local grocery store. I love their entire range, be it their Orange Ice Lolly or their mini Cornetto’s (they have flavours like Cotton Candy). Their Casatta though has a special place in my heart.  After all, its Ice Cream AND cake together, how could I not like it? It is one ice cream I hate sharing!

The Titanic – at Milky Way

Milky Way: Established in 1984, this is one of the oldest Ice cream parlours of Chennai. Locals have fond memories of this place, and the ice cream and desserts served here. Their Softy Sundaes and Softy’s are their best sellers. However, you can’t go to Milky Way and not try their all time popular, Titanic – 3  scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream, lots of fruit, a generous sprinkling of nuts, chocolate sauce , Strawberry Sauce and Mango Sauce, all served in a Boat shaped dish, no less! Milky Way has 13 Outlets in Chennai. No surprises why!

The Softy’s at Freeze Zone

Freeze Zone is where I head to for the most amazing Softie’s and Kulfi’s. This is also the place that served Ice Cream Rolls long before people knew what they were, or were in fashion. Love the quality, the service and the pricing here.

Falooda : I was in for a surprise when found  the most tempting  Falooda in Chennai. No, really. Sangeetha Restaurant (G.N Chetty Road) serves the best ones. They have the Rose Falooda, which is a classic favourite. They also have a Sangeeta Special you should check out, and eat instead of a meal. The calories are worth piling on for this one.

The Sangeeta Special Falooda

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19 thoughts on “I is for, Ice Creams #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Well, this post on Ice Cream reminds of the time when I was in my 4th grade studying in a convent school in Chennai. My mother retired from the Tamil Nadu state government. During her service, my mother’s office was near Kuralagam, Khadi craft board in Chennai. And those days no one had heard of Arun Ice Creams or Milky way and the only kind of ice cream that was popular was the cone ice cream. Near her office in Kuralagam there was a place where they used to sell wonderful cone ice creams. My mother is fond of ice cream and so am I and she used to take me to this place and buy me a lot of cone ice creams. I used to really enjoy them. This post brings memories of those days. This was in the years 1973-1975. Really enjoyed reading about ice creams and the brands that are going around today.

  2. The first amazing ice cream that I had in Chennai was at the newly opened Cream and Fudge factory. They had still come to Bangalore. I was so amazed by the options that I ended up savoring pancakes with honey, chocolate fudge and my friends kept reminding me for the next one year about tlmy expression on seeing the menu card. Another post that brought back memories. After reading your posts, I have started missing my bestie who lives in Australia now.

  3. Hahaha I love the innovative names! Titanic and Milky Way!
    Your post had me thinking, If I was doing a similar theme on Delhi, I would have to include Nirula’s and its iconic Hot Chocolate Fudge. Awesome ice-creams really do deserve their own posts 😉

  4. This post is so yummylicious. Though I have been to Chennai 3-4 times I have never had these ice creams. Next time I visit Chennai I am sure to try one of these. My daughter also loves cassata … for the fact that it has both cake and ice cream together.

  5. Such a delightful invention ice cream is. Your post took me on virtual journey of delectable flavours! Thank you for sharing, I’m going to add a few of these places on my Zomato wishlist!

  6. I love Ice – creams and now after reading your post I am drooling and craving for Falooda like you shared, It is so loaded with goodness. 🙂 some calories are worth piling 🙂

  7. I love falooda and swear by the ones served at Badshah in Crawford Market. This one looks quite different from it but no less tempting! I would love to try out the Titanic but will request to make it without strawberry sauce. That is one flavour I cannot like, ever.
    Love the colourful pictures, M. What a treat they must be for the eyes as well as the tongue!

  8. I am drooling over your post buddy, am such an ice cream lover and I love cassata the most too dear. I will love to try Milky Way Done day for sure ♥️

  9. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!! 😀 Need them by a truckload especially in this heat. The Titanic is huge and looks tempting. I wish, I could pick that pink softy off my laptop screen!!

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