G is for Grand OR Sri Krishna? #BlogchatterA2Z

‘Where could I pick up some typically Chennai sweets & savouries from?’

You would think this question was a simple one, till I realised it was not.

‘Grand Sweets!’

‘Sri Krishna Sweets!’

Two voices. Two views. Two opinions. An eternal debate (which still hasn’t settled or concluded, btw)

Grand Sweets & Snacks is the big daddy of the sweets & savoury business in Chennai. Founded in 1982 by Mr G Natarajan, the original store still stands in Adyar. They started out really small, with Mr Natarajan using his wife’s recipes  to get the Mysore Pak, Laddus and the famous mixture made.

One day one of their customers commented that their sweets tasted really ‘grand’ and that is now they got their name.

Regulars swear by their sweets and the famous savory ‘Madras Mixture’(namkeen) among others .

Sri Krishna Sweets was founded in 1948, in Coimbatore, so it is not a ‘Chennai Original’ as locals never fail to remind me. However, you’ll still see more Sri Krishna Stores all over Chennai than you would of Grand Sweets.

The Mysurpa

In my view, what gives Sri Krishna Sweets the edge is their version of Mysore Pak, or the ‘Mysurpa’ as they call it. While the original Mysore Pak is porous, light and dry, the Mysurpa by Sri Krishna is soft and decadent (loaded with ghee). It is my personal favourite too. A few weeks ago I was very pleasantly surprised to find a Sri Krishna outlet stocking Kombucha too! ( just between you and me they won major brownie points for that)

Sri Krishna Sweets has Kombucha!

You have people who swear by Grand Sweets and you have people who only buy from Sri Krishna, and from what I know of them, their paths will never lead to the other. Yes, the loyalty is that high.

Me? I get the best of both. The crunchy Madras Mixture, sweetened with Jaggery Kuzi Paniyarams, Pulikachal Mix, Lemon Pickle and the Onion Thokku are my must buys at Grand Sweets.

Whereas for the Mysurpa, it is ONLY Sri Krishna Sweets. They even have a Collectable Tin holding a single Mysurpa, with the current Starsign on it. The Kombucha is now an added attraction.


Also , I no longer ask anyone ‘Where could I pick up some typically Chennai sweets & savouries from?’

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