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Bangalore Days #XPloreBharat

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The #XploreBharat Blog Train halts in Bangalore today, after arriving from Puri on Sudip’s blog. The next stop of this Blog Train will be in Gurugram on Prerna’s Blog

I was born in Bombay and grew up there. Bangalore, or Bengaluru as it is now known as, was the first city I lived in after I moved out of Mumbai.

This city known as The Garden City has a certain vibe to it, and pleasant weather almost all year around (though that is changing and Bengaluru-ians are beginning to feel the heat)

The locals are helpful and you can get by if you know Hindi and/or English, thanks to the burgeoning immigrant population.

It is difficult to encapsulate the city that was my home for 4.5 years in a single post, so here are a few of the things I will always remember Bangalore by.

This picture was clicked inside Lalbagh Botanical Garden, at Sunset.

The Lungs of Bangalore

Though the Garden City is soon turning into a concrete jungle, Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Botanical Garden are the two massive parks that are known as the ‘Lungs of the city’.

They are so vast, that the first time we went to Cubbbon Park we got lost there! It took us more than an hour to retrace our way back to our car. You could spend an entire day in these gardens and be back to discover something new the next day.

Lalbagh holds a Mango Festival and a Flower Show, both of which are very popular. You will also see aspiring models and couples having photo sessions here as the parks are so scenic.

This beautiful building is inside Cubbon Park.


Shopping is a pure delight in Bangalore! Have fun as you haggle away, picking up great bargains shopping on Commercial Street. Complete your quota of cardio as you walk down MG Road and Brigade Street, either window shopping or actual shopping. Shop for high end brands as you soak in the sights of the beautiful UB City. There is something to suit every budget.

My favorite Ice-cream, ‘Triology’ at Corner House.


No other city I know hosts Marathons as frequently as Bangalore does. You could find a Marathon happening somewhere practically all year around. They even have midnight Marathons!

Apart from the frequency, the organisation is amazing. I have participated in Marathons in other cities too, but none of them match upto Bangalore. I started with a 5 k and graduated to a 10 k. I hope to attempt a 21 k Marathon sometime in the future, and when and if that happens, it will surely be in Bangalore.


You are sure to be spoilt for choice. The list of cuisines available here is exhaustive, as are the number of restaurants. I loved the ambience and the service of all the restaurants I visited here. The various ‘Sagar’s dotting the city are life savers, more so when you are on the road and need a quick bite or a refuelling drink of their amazing  Filter Coffee.  If you are a Beer lover, this Beer Capital of India is a must visit.

Hi tech

From a strip of Crocin to getting Organic Milk delivered to my doorstep every morning, I loved how smooth technology made my life in Bangalore. I used to run the house on the apps I had downloaded, saving me so much time and energy.

 My 2 biggest and constant complaints were;

The Airport , which is so far away from the city that it feels like it is in another country! The thought of travelling used to cause me anxiety as I never knew if I would reach the airport in time to catch my flight.

The Traffic

Bangalore Days

The Bangalore Traffic taught me patience. Click To Tweet

To say the traffic is insane would be a polite way to put it. If you don’t calculate right, you could be stuck in traffic for a good 2 hours. I know as I have been, for 2:45 mins. Then instead of fretting over it I started using the time stuck in traffic to my advantage. I would use it to answer my mails, do my banking, call up people for a chat on the phone and catch up on my reading. Of course, I still grumbled about it!

The Tabibuea Rosea, the pink flowering trees in Summer. The Orange African Tulip trees blooming all year around. The breath-taking Sunsets I witnessed from my balcony every day. Ice creams from Lakeview and Corner House.

The ‘Pink Trees’ of Bangalore

Ah ! So many memories of Bangalore, and I am so happy I could share a few of them with you.

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  1. Your love for Bangalore certainly comes through ❤️ Fabulous post!

  2. I have lived in this city for close to a year. It is truly a multiculture city.beautiful temples not to miss… Good luck for your half marathon

  3. Lovely post Mayuri. Some places are really close to our hearts:)

  4. Nice post-Mayuri, Bangalore is 9 hours from my place but yet to happen the visit to the garden city. Yes, have heard about many traffic jokes of the city. Glad i could take a glimpse of Bangalore via #Xplorebharat

  5. Namma Bengaluru!! I did my very first 10K in Bangalore… I love Bangalore because take your bike or car, drive in any direction for 100KMs you are off for a picnic… Weekend was always a picnic mood. Missing those days!

  6. I have visited Bangalore twice, though stayed only a night or two both times. But I liked the quietness of the place. Though it’s growing by leaps and bounds, it’s relatively still quiet, which sadly Mumbai doesn’t have. Though I love the fact that to reach airport, it doesn’t take me 2 hours. LOL. But I loved Cubbon Park and the cafes we visited there.

  7. When there on college trip!! Nostalgic

  8. Such a heart felt post… and the pink trees… Fab!

  9. Nostalgic to read this post. I stayed in Bangalore for 3 years, started my married life there and have endless memories of this place. I will add two more things to ur complaints – fussy autowalas and bad golgappas.

    1. The autowalas have improved, Vartika. Sadly, the golgappas haven’t :))))

      1. haha good to know about the autowalas.

  10. Bengaluru is love! It welcomes everyone with open arms and anyone can survive even though they don’t know Kannada. Malleshwaram, Commercial, Chikpet, Jayanagar markets are fun. I love street food especially 99 variety Dosas. Agree with traffic! it’s really too messy. Being a Bengalurean only one thing I expect from people who are staying is to put efforts in learning the local language.

  11. I stayed at Bangalore just for one night. I am a die hard foodie, and so my boss had suggested me to go to MTR dosa near Lalbaug. We had a long journey ahead but we had postponed it for next day as our Anna said….. “Youuu Musstt eatttt YumTR Doesaaa”

    It’s truly YUMMTR

    I hope my next trip to Bangalore will be a detailed one.

  12. Bangalore is an amazing city indeed and I love the way you have captured it in your words. Corner house is my favorite place too. I am so tempted to plan a trip with you there now!

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  14. I have worked in bangalore. Good post. Somehow I feel it is losing its charm to its chaotic traffic.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

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  16. Nicely put! I have been to Bangalore around 12 years back and really loved the gardens over there. Your post describes it really well

  17. Your love for Bangalore comes out through these posts. All my travels to Bangalore have been restricted to white fields, as my office was there and wahan se seeda airport.. so I never got a chance to see the real Bangalore till date.

  18. I was in the city for years and at that time the place had just started with long traffics.

  19. Visited Bengaluru back in 2011. Those memories suddenly appeared in front of my eyes while reading your post.

  20. So when one thinks how a post on a city like Bengaluru can be made interesting, given it is so famous and explored, this post might be a good reference. I liked the personal touch you brought to the post, and the images were amazing, specially the topmost one and the one of the pink trees. The latter looked like it was lifted from a sci-fi setting.

    Thanks for this wonderful post. 🙂

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  22. […] Of a Joker from Puri -thebloggersdiary.com The next stop of this #XploreBharatBlogTrain is Bangalore – Sirimiri.in” This post is a part of the #XploreBharat Blog Train hosted by Aditi, Esha, Maheshwaran, PraGun, […]

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