How do you manage to smile when there is so much stress around?

If there is one sure accompaniment that comes with life, it is stress. Major or minor. Imaginary or real. Self-created or given by others, stress is the one sure thing that accompanies us ever since we discover its existence. Whether we want it to, or not. Even though we know that stress is bad for us, we rarely realize that is is we who create it, it is us who manufacture it.

Different people have different ways to handle stress. Over time some people learn to shrug off its constant company. Those who can’t, learn to suffer and live with it. A lucky few learn to handle it right, and make stress work as a trigger to help them get their goals.

I am one of those who hasn’t mastered any of the above mentioned ways. So how do I handle stress? What is my way to live with it? My only weapon to slay stress is, A Smile.

A smile that sprouts in my heart and blooms on my face. Because, just the thought of doing that relaxes me instantly.


Haven’t you felt your stress ebb away whenever you watch a smiling face? That of your friends, your partners, your child’s. Sometimes even a stranger’s. Then, why not flash one of your own?

A smile is a relaxant that put the giver at ease, and the receiver too. A smile signals that all is well. So even if it isn’t smile to make yourself believe it is. It makes me believe so, at least.

Everyone has their own share of stress, don’t burden them with yours and add to theirs. Share a smile instead, and help decrease their stress thus.

A smile is like a burst of sunshine, it lights up everything it touches and pierces through the dark clouds of stress. Click To Tweet

Smile away your stress and leave people wondering how do you manage to smile when there is so much stress around?

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