#BookReview: The Krishnapur Kidnappings by Sitharaam Jayakumar

Pages: 86

Genre: Thriller / Mystery

Available in:  Only in an E-book Format

The Plot:

A child disappears from school, just before her much awaited Annual Day stage performance. Just as the perplexed parents, school authorities and the police look for clues, a teenage girl from the same school disappears.

There is no demand for ransom for both girls and no clues for the police to follow either. Till, a chain with a pendant is found. The chilling image on the pendant makes their blood run cold and leads the police to believe that there will be 2 more kidnappings to follow.

Sure enough, 2 more girls disappear.

Why are girls being kidnapped? What will happen next?

Review-Krishnapur-Kidnappings- Sitharaam-Sirimiri

My Thoughts:

This is Sitharaam Jayakumar’s 2nd book. I enjoyed the smooth flow of the story, and appreciated the fact that were no unnecessary twists and turns, to pad it up and lengthen it.

Crisp and intelligent writing, a story line that pulls you in from the first paragraph and characters you identify with make The Krishnapur Kidnappings a very enjoyable read.

I must share this, I had guessed the killer at the start of the story and only when I got to the end of the book did I realise how wrong my guess was! The author completely surprised me with the end.

I finished this 86 page, fast paced novella in one go. Do read The Krishnapur Kidnappings by Sitharaam Jayakumar, you are sure to enjoy it. It is available in an ebook format for RS 49, and for free, if you’ve subscribed to  Kindle Unlimited. Get it here

****4  Stars for The Krishnapur Kidnappings by Sitharaam Jayakumar

 My rating chart;

*Use it as a doorstop.
**Read it if you have nothing better to do.
***You may like it if you like this particular genre.
****Must read!
*****What! You haven’t read it YET?!

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