Dream 11: Fantasy League

India has two great passions, Bollywood and Cricket. If we Indians are not thronging theatres to watch our favoured stars spin dreams on the silver screen, we are cheering our heroes on the cricket field.

Our Actors and Actresses are larger than life for us, and they enthrall us. We eagerly wait for their films, create huge cut outs, build temples for them and place them on a pedestal.

Cricket for most is a religion, and every cricket match brings out the fervent worshippers in them. When team India is on the field, all eyes are glued to the screen, and their hearts are in their mouth.

Each time a cricket match is being relayed my Husband turns into an armchair coach, shouting out instructions, directing the next over or the field placing and the like.

I am more than sure that he is not the only one though, and this is the tale in almost every cricket loving household when team India is playing.

While the silver screen will continue to remain a distant dream for most of its fans, cricket fans have it better. They can now be part of the game, and not remain mere spectators watching it on television.

Dream 11 _ Fantasy-League-Cricket-Sirimiri

Ardent cricket worshippers can now take their love for cricket to the next degree, with Dream11.

Dream11 is a Fantasy League platform that helps you take your love for the game to another level. Download the app with the link given on the website and be more than just a viewer watching a match on television. Be a part of the game.

Visit site & register on this platform, you could become the Captain of the team you choose and create. Yes, you.

So now that you’ve downloaded and registered with the app, what do you do?

It is simple. All you need is an email ID to log in and create your profile.

Post which you;

Choose any upcoming match from the list of ongoing and upcoming cricket series.

Create your fantasy Dream11 team by picking 11 players, in a certain specific combination.

That’s not all;

You can make as many changes to your Fantasy League teams as you like, until the deadline of that match!

You can also change your Captain or Vice-Captain before the deadline of the match.

Make sure you keep an eye on which of your players are playing the match and keep your session updated at all times.

You’re not restricted to just a single team either, you could create multiple teams: Up to 6 teams per match and choose to join a contest with any of the teams created!

What if you aren’t a cricket lover or have very little knowledge about the game?

Don’t worry. You can gain some valuable experience and knowledge as you play more Fantasy League matches. You can also check out Dream11 on the FSTA platform. You can practice with the Free leagues before participating in the private leagues.

So now you can do much more than watching the game from your armchair. Play it and direct it, with Dream11.

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