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I had just stepped into my teens when my grandmother thought I should start praying and fasting on Mondays, to Lord Shiva.

To get a husband like him in the future, was my grandmothers explanation. I listened to her and did start, partly out of respect, and mostly because of the delicious food that we broke our fast with. My half-hearted attempts at Monday fasts didn’t last long though, for by then I had discovered The Blue One, Lord Krishna.

As a teenager I thought The Blue One was super cool. The stories of his valour as a child and his charm and quick thinking in getting his way as an adult were impressive. He loved dressing up and that jaunty peacock feather showed he had style. He was a graceful dancer, had that impish streak and tons of female friends.

As I grew up and read more about Krishna I loved the fact that he was a Sakha (friend) to Draupadi. BFF, all the way back then! She confided in him, he gave her apt advice and he was there for her, as a friend should be.


Krishnashthami, or Janmashtami, meant we could dress up to the nines, stay up all night with the adults, watching films, gossiping and feasting as we rocked his cradle and sang hymns in his ode.

There were no hard and fast rules and regulations to worship The Blue One either. More importantly, the delicacies offered to him in prayer were scrumptious! Mahkane ki Kheer, Dhaniya Panjiri, Sabudana Khichdi, Singhade ki Puri, Aloo Ka Halwa, Dahiwale Aloo. The feast Mom cooked up makes me salivate even at the memory of them!

Our Radha-Krishna

As a devotee I have always considered The Blue One as my confidante, someone I can talk to about everything on my mind. My prayers to him are akin to a tete-a-tete with a best friend.

In our family, The Blue One not only resides in the temple at home, but also in our hearts. He is the God we worship, a friend in need and a mentor who guides us. We love to dress him up, in custom made hand sewn clothes and handcrafted jewellery and accessories, to pamper him and to celebrate him.

Which is why we were hardly surprised then when I married someone named Sri Krishna, to compliment my name, Mayuri.

Our Temple at home

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