#MyFriendAlexa : FAQs

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So, you registered for #MyFriendAlexa. Congratulations!

Now that this blog challenge has started, you are probably realising that you were unaware (or didn’t bother to find out) of what this challenge is truly about? You assumed signing up for Alexa would magically change everything for you and your blog, at the soonest and with minimum effort put in? Wrong.

#MyFriendAlexa is a month long blogging challenge for a reason. Besides doing the obvious, this challenge helps inculcate healthy blogging habits, that would hopefully stay with you, helping you become a consistent blogger.


Before we start;

  • Have you checked that the share buttons on your blog work fine?
  • Have you embedded (added your twitter handle to) your Twitter share button? If not, check how to do so here
  • Are your hashtags ready?

A Reading Hashtag: That you should be adding to your tweet, when you read and share posts by fellow bloggers (from the daily reading list)

A Writing Hashtag:  To be added to your Tweet, when you share your own  blog posts (the 8 you are meant to write)

Now to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to have a theme for the 8 Blogposts or could I write unrelated posts?

This is totally your call. If you would like to choose a Theme to write on, go ahead. If not, that is fine too.

I have finished writing my post, now what?

You link it up on Blogchatter’s website, on their weekly linky, here

You share it on social media, adding your writing hashtag to it.

I have a reading list but don’t know what to do with it!

A weekly reading list will be mailed to you by Blogchatter.

That list will have the blogs you need to read on each day of the week. Follow it.

Ideally you need to complete reading the specified day’s list on the day mentioned. If you can’t read it on the same day, try and finish reading it at the earliest.

You will need to read at least 1 post off each blog, comment on it and share it on Twitter. That is non-negotiable.

Why is my name not on the list?

100’s of  bloggers sign up for. Everyone will have their day. You name will be on the list. When, no one can say. Be assured that Blogchatter won’t miss it.

My name is on the list. Do I read my own post, comment on it and share it?

Errrr, No.

Your name is on the list because you signed up too. And so that other bloggers can read you.

Some bloggers didn’t read my post, so I am not going to read theirs!

Hey there, just confirming, are you 5 years old? No? Ok.

You signed up for this challenge to better your blog and its stats didn’t you? Reading varied blogs will enhance your blog stats.

So how does it matter if someone didn’t read yours? Their stats will suck!

I want a lot of bloggers to read my blog!

Well, every blogger who signed up wants the same. Who are the readers then? YOU are one of them. I am one of them. Each of us is a reader. Which is why we all must read, if we want to be read. 

Some blogs/blogposts are not my niche and I don’t know what to comment on them?

Fair enough. Just a simple, ‘I learnt something new through your blog today’ , or similar lines would be a good comment to leave.

A few bloggers haven’t updated their blogs and I think it’s unfair to read old posts and not he fresh ones we were supposed to write.

So have you realised how badly it reflects on the reader when you don’t post regularly? Lesson learnt: Don’t be that blogger who neglects their blog.

Also, just read any post on their blog that catches your fancy.

I am not getting as many visitors and comments as my fellow bloggers are?

This is a sore point with all of us. And preaching that ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ will only have you aiming your shoe at me!

When this happens I sit back and evaluate.

Is my blog difficult to manoeuver around (I have visited blogs that needed their own GPS, they were that confusing)

Are my posts insipid?

Is commenting on my posts a cumbersome affair?

Instead of holding a grudge, ask for honest views, and accept them graciously, as that will only better your blog.

On the topic, simple, clean templates, with your latest posts right on top and easily accessible always work.

You could also make your latest post a pinned tweet, for people to find it.

Also rambling posts lose a reader, since there are 10 blog posts to read every day.

What am I getting from reading so may blogs, when very few are reading mine?

You are getting a better rank. The more you read, the better your rank gets. 

Alexa is a month long challenge that should help to make one a disciplined blogger. After Alexa;

I started writing and posting regularly

I started reading other blogs regularly

I bettered my writing

I got ideas for fresh posts

I made new friends


The experience of Alexa should ideally polish you up so that you shine as you evolve.

One big bonus of Alexa, no one talks about? It teaches you what no to do, what not to write and what not to say.

So go on then! Write, and Read a LOT. Enjoy this challenge as you watch your stats improving.

I am taking my blog to the next level, with #MyFriendAlexa by Blogchatter

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